Submersible Wastewater Pumps

For wastewater handling Khansaheb Sykes offer a wide range of electric submersible pumps for hire, incorporating the latest technology with state of the art motors. Whether replacing a sewage pump undergoing repair, or by-passing an entire pumping station, Sykes can design, supply and install a temporary pumping system to meet individual needs.

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The Khansaheb Sykes range of wastewater pumps are smooth, quiet running, vibration free units which are cost effective in their use and ideal for the demands of the hostile environments in which they are used. Manufactured with a cast iron casing, they are robust units capable of dealing with the rigours of the wastewater treatment process.

During routine servicing or repair, customers’ permanent pumps either need temporary support or have to be taken offline. The Khansaheb Sykes sewage range can be used whatever the requirements. Automatic level controls mean that the pumps only operate when the flow requires it but fitted with the IE3 Premium efficiency motors, running costs are kept to an absolute minimum even if the pumps need to run continuously.

With our experience of the wastewater sector we are able to offer electric submersible pump hire for all applications associated with the water industry. If a site needs a visit from one of our highly experienced team we are happy to offer their time and expertise free of charge to ensure that the correct pump is selected. In addition to the range of sewage submersible pumps for hire we offer accessories including starter panels and variable speed drives.

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