Wastewater Treatment

Khansaheb Sykes has the range, coverage and breadth of expertise to meet the demands of the water industry, local agencies and other service providers across the UAE and Gulf States.

Our experience

Our experience

As the country’s longest established pump hire provider, we use our experience to provide our customers with the most sophisticated and cost-efficient innovations available. We understand that infrastructure doesn’t sleep, so by being a genuine 24 hours a day business, our engineers can deliver the level of service demanded across the whole of the UAE, whatever time day or night. Whether you seek technical advice, equipment recommendations or urgent assistance, Khansaheb Sykes will deliver on all counts.

Our pumping specialists have specific experience of your sector which has been developed over many years. As such, we can be relied upon to provide a workable solution to the most challenging of problems. All pumping solutions are devised with budget constraints, application needs and any other limiting factors in mind, ensuring the most efficient, appropriate hire package is installed on your site.

We understand the importance of health, safety and environmental considerations, particularly where water and waste are concerned, and we employ a specialist team to ensure that we are constantly exceeding the expected standards. Our efforts have earned us all the relevant ISO standards and we continue to innovate to ensure our clients are at the forefront of their own sectors.



The need to divert a flow of water or waste is a common yet challenging problem our clients face on a regular basis. This may be the result of a leak in a water pipe or sewer main, or simply the need to undertake work due to local construction projects. Whatever the requirement, we have a wealth of experience in managing these difficult applications.

We always begin the process with site meetings between our specialists, site managers and the end user client, if appropriate. At this stage, different ways of approaching the problem based on criteria such as local conditions (especially residential and traffic considerations), flow rates and accessibility will be discussed with the best option offered for consideration.

Options would include the different advantages of submersible versus diesel pumps, the size and quantity of the pumps, the size and positioning of pipework and considerations such as automatic control of the pumps and site attendance by our engineers. Once the solution is agreed the relevant risk assessments and method statements will be prepared for sign off and the delivery date and time agreed. From that point on our clients can relax, safe in the knowledge that the project will be managed by the Khansaheb Sykes team.

There will be times when, due to the result of infrastructure damage or failure, there is simply not the time to consider and discuss all the different options, especially when the problem occurs at an unsociable hour or during peak times. In these circumstances, we are just one phone call away, whatever the time of day or night, and will use our expertise to resolve the immediate problem with the minimum of fuss. Once the temporary solution is in place, we will then review how the system could perhaps be improved to either reduce the hire costs or improve site conditions.

Guide rail adaptation

Guide rail adaptation

At Khansaheb Sykes we understand that our customers purchase or inherit electric submersible pumps from a range of manufacturers. Whilst we cannot hold every pump type and size manufactured, we profile our fleet to match the most common units in the market and hold accessory components so that our pumps can be adapted to suit most situations.

Guide rail installation presents a particular challenge of having pumps to match the installed coupling system, and this is why we have invested considerable time in designing our guide rail adaption kits to make our fleet as universal as possible. This ensures our pumps can easily replace whichever type of sewage pump is being removed.

Case Studies

Khansaheb Sykes Assists Installation of Sewage Pipeline in Dubai: Khansaheb Sykes was recently approached to urgently assist with the installation of a sewage pipeline which connected through a major residential area in Dubai.

Khansaheb Sykes assist leading water provider following failure of sewage pumps: When we received an emergency call from a leading water company in Dubai which was suffering a sewage pump failure, our engineers responded quickly with a solution in order to prevent any serious problems.

Khansaheb Sykes offer Overpumping Solution: Khansaheb Sykes was recently called upon to provide a solution for Over- Pumping and Active Sewage Pumping Station

Khansaheb Sykes works out an Optimal Pumping Solution: Khanshaheb Sykes was recently awarded a prestigious Over-pumping project within the Western Region of Abu Dhabi, where flows of over 10,000m3/hr needed to be maintained.

Over-pumping project for one of Abu Dhabi’s Steel Manufacturers: Khansaheb Sykes was recently approached to offer an over pumping solution for enabling a routine maintenance to be carried out in one of the Steel Manufacturers in Abu Dhabi.

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