Submersible Drainage Pumps

The new range of Khansaheb Sykes drainer submersible pumps are ideal for dewatering at all kinds of construction sites – from the smallest building project right up to the biggest civil engineering contracts such as dams, bridges, construction, and tunnelling. Their easy handling and excellent capacity make them ideal for ship yards, salvage brigades and many other industries and applications.

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Khansaheb Sykes submersible drainage pumps have an unrivalled history of dewatering construction sites allowing programs to be effectively managed, irrespective of site conditions. Their easy handling and excellent capacity also make them ideal for shipyards, mines, quarries and any other situation where the control of water is important.

Manufactured from aluminium and stainless steel they offer the perfect balance between strength and weight with a high chrome alloy impeller offering excellent wear resistance. The use of non-toxic coatings and environmentally safe white oil ensures that there is no risk of contamination on even the most sensitive site. Highly efficient motors ensure that noise is kept to an absolute minimum with most units undetectable even when close by.

Khansaheb Sykes Pumps has an unsurpassed reputation and our range of electric submersible pumps has enhanced that reputation with the quality and breadth of pumps available to meet any dewatering application. Utilising our experts in the field to conduct the initial survey, our engineers and electricians to service and maintain the pumps as well as our own delivery fleet to get the pumps to you, we have complete control of the service we provide our customers.

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