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When it comes to construction, the high water table in so many areas across the UAE and Gulf States poses a big challenge. Khansaheb Sykes has worked with construction companies, civil engineers and contractors at every level, helping them reduce groundwater and deal with other water-based issues quickly and cost-effectively.

Our Service

Our Service

As the country’s leading supplier of sophisticated pumping systems, we have over 160 years’ experience recommending and installing units to building and construction companies. Whether you need foundation drying, Bentonite pumping or general dewatering, our qualified technicians will help you overcome problems however large or small. We understand the intricate nature of construction sites and similar environments, which is why we act quickly to avert the damaging consequences of delays or other issues.

With a track record of working alongside construction firms, civil engineers and building contractors across the Gulf region, you can trust us to guide you through all water-based difficulties quickly and efficiently. We regularly start with a free site survey before suggesting or deploying any equipment as our engineers are able to advise the best type of pump for your particular application. This procedure ensures a cost-effective solution tailored to your specific requirements, because no two projects are the same.

Our extensive international network guarantees there are depots close to you irrespective of your location. Strategically placed throughout the region, we guarantee to have necessary resources readily available even during periods of peak demand. With a full range of equipment including hoses, piping and settlement tanks, our clients benefit from an immediate response to call-outs which helps keep your project on track.

Construction Sites

Construction Sites

Although we are adept in providing temporary systems for large construction programmes, we can also handle projects on a much smaller scale. Removing water from site or simply transferring vast quantities of liquid elsewhere are two of the more common practices required in a building environment. At Khansaheb Sykes, we pride ourselves on constantly providing a high level of service regardless of a job’s size.

Our lightweight units are ideal for construction applications because of their excellent manoeuvrability and manual handling. Dewatering pumps are suitable for continuous operation and have an inbuilt motor protection in case of dry running. We offer specialised pumps for a multitude of uses including moving wastewater, drainage or even mechanical processes.

As well as offering equipment and general advice before the start of the project, we also conduct routine maintenance on our units once they are on site to ensure they continue to function efficiently. This helps to avoid breakdowns at vital stages of a project, with all diesel pumps examined after every fortnight of hire. Our proven expertise demonstrated across a wide range of jobs is substantiated by the fact that companies regularly use Khansaheb Sykes on a repeat basis.

Civil Engineering Projects

Civil Engineering Projects

Major industrial developments - particularly those in coastal areas or along rivers - often require bespoke dewatering systems to allow work to take place. Temporary enclosures like cofferdams, for example, are constructed to allow a specific section of water to be effectively pumped out in order to facilitate engineering works. These are typically used for oil platform repairs or bridge maintenance and ultimately dismantled once the intended task is complete.

This is why we take careful steps to gain a better understanding of your engineering projects - it allows us to modify complete pump solutions in line with your specific requirements. We can accommodate over-pumping needs, general site dewatering and any other specialised process involving water transportation. As well as our fleet of diesel units we have electric units which are easy to deploy and can run without requiring maintenance for months at a time.

Case Studies

Deep Well Dewatering to excavate for construction of Luxury Hotel: When a leading contractor in Dubai was looking for a perfect dewatering sub-contractor for controlling ground water for the construction of a luxury hotel where an excavation of over 16 meters was required, Khansaheb Sykes was approached to control the water levels.

Dewatering at the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai: Khansaheb Sykes has been approached for dewatering at this prestigious location for the construction of 5 new villas.

Dewatering performed for construction of School in Sharjah: Recently, Khansaheb Sykes was awarded as the dewatering contractor for one of the upcoming schools in the emirate of Sharjah. The site area, spread across approximately 10,000 square meters, was dewatered using our wellpoint dewatering system.

Deep well dewatering system for construction of a New Medical Centre in Abu Dhabi: A newly awarded Medical Centre beginning its construction in the heart of Abu Dhabi was looking for a dewatering solution to control groundwater while it performs a deep excavation for the foundations to be laid.

Deep Well Dewatering for Commercial Tower in Abu Dhabi: Khansaheb Sykes was approached to support construction of a similar upcoming project by an efficient installation of a deep well dewatering system located at the prestigious Al Reem Island.

Deep well dewatering system for construction of a mall in Abu Dhabi: An upcoming mall beginning its construction on the Al Maryah Island of Abu Dhabi was looking for a dewatering system to control groundwater while it performs a deep excavation for the foundation to be laid.

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