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Khansaheb Sykes shows strength in numbers for major dewatering operation

When a largescale dewatering scheme requires immediate assistance, there are very few pump rental companies in the UAE that can accommodate demand beyond a certain scale.

For Khansaheb Sykes, however, the availability of suitable pumping equipment is never an issue. Having served customers across the Middle East since the 1970s, we have rightly developed a reputation for excellence, precision and reliability.

The efficiency with which we serve our clients has been supported by an expansive, modern rental fleet comprising of pumps designed for just about every use.

This capability has been a huge contributing factor in our involvement with many of the region’s most prominent pumping projects, including recently when a prestigious Abu Dhabi company sought a comprehensive dewatering solution.

Our customer requested a significant number of pumps to help remove water from a section of a port inlet and allow excavation works to begin in order to reduce water levels.

The sheer volume of pumps needed to successfully carry out this critical assignment would have been too much for most companies – but not us!

Initially, 60 dewatering pumps were delivered and installed less than two weeks after we were first contacted. Various strands of our business worked tirelessly to coordinate the maintenance, transportation and installation of the kit, with logistical processes performed flawlessly.

After the original requirement was handled, a further 30 units were supplied to supplement the pumps already functioning on site.

By seamlessly arranging the distribution of almost 100 dewatering pumps during a time-sensitive venture, we once again demonstrated our ability to effectively manage our resources and implement a solution that surpasses the high expectations of big-name customers.

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Construction company seeks Khansaheb Sykes pumping solution for infrastructural project

When a contractor sought a reliable dewatering pump arrangement to provide surface and sub-surface drainage management on a site in Dubai, they got in touch with us. For decades, Khansaheb Sykes has partnered customers from a multitude of industries and provided our extensive expertise in groundwater control whenever it is required.

On this occasion, our client was looking for a dewatering solution as part of a wider infrastructure works package which also involved controlling storm water drainage network levels. With the unique specifications of this project in mind, eight GP200M units were selected because of their aptitude for delivering in excess of 130 litres per second over distances of up to 1,100 metres.

These impressive performance capabilities were exactly what was required for the intended water transfers, which is why they are frequently used on building and engineering applications. Featuring automatic start/stop and dry run protection, our bespoke pumps were even fitted with solar panels to guarantee a constant power supply in remote locations and give the customer additional peace of mind.

With quality and reliability always at the forefront of what we do, it was important that the pumps were fitted with suitable engines given the critical nature of the application. After liaising directly with UAE Perkins, it was decided that each pump would be fitted with a 1104D-44TA water-cooled engine which allowed us to provide the contractor with a complete UK origin pump configuration.

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Dubai government department purchases 22 Sykes Pumps from Khansaheb Sykes

At Khansaheb Sykes, we’re known for both the quality of our pumps and the speed with which we can supply them when a client has a requirement.

As the Middle East’s go-to dewatering pump company since the 1970s, we have decades of experience when it comes to delivering pumping solutions to high profile customers across the region.

This capability was recently demonstrated once again when a local government department in Dubai sought a total of 22 dewatering pumps. The sale of 12 Sykes GP150M and 10 Sykes GP200M general purpose pumps was agreed, with their immediate availability enabling the transaction to be completed almost instantly.

Our general purpose pump range has been designed for use in multiple disciplines including construction, utilities, sewage over-pumping and civil engineering applications, providing an ideal dewatering solution because of the pumps’ ability to prime and re-prime automatically from dry.

These pumps set the industry standard and are highly regarded due to their reliability, portability and ease of maintenance. They can also operate unattended for extensive periods of time, guaranteeing a level of flexibility that allows site workers to focus their attention on other aspects of a project.

For more information on our specialist dewatering pumps click here, or call us today on 800 79537 if you wish to discuss an enquiry in more detail.

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COVID-19 update

The health and wellbeing of our customers and staff remains our highest priority.

We are continuing to observe the latest developments relating to the COVID-19 virus and are taking the necessary actions to provide our staff and customers with the best solutions to the changing situation. Many of our staff are now working from home and we are ensuring that deliveries and site visits are carried out as safely as possible.

We have a large stock of dewatering pumps and associated accessories available for rental or sale, along with specialist HVAC equipment, air conditioners, ventilation fans, dehumidifiers and chillers for larger applications provided by our sister company Andrews Sykes Climate Rental.

If for any reason you have any difficulty in contacting us by phone you can complete an enquiry form here and we will get back to you. Our 800 79537 phone line remains available 24/7 for all emergency calls. To contact your local depot, it may be easier to call them direct, a full list of depot numbers can be found by clicking here.

For information about our operations elsewhere in UK and across Europe, please refer to the individual websites which can be found on the worldwide locations page.

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Khansaheb Sykes’ dewatering increases its footprint in the Middle East

We are delighted to add an additional depot location in Dubai following a substantial investment in our Middle Eastern operations. Our new depot has been strategically selected to improve our service across Dubai and allows us to quickly reach customers based in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and other parts of the United Arab Emirates.

In recent years, Khansaheb Sykes has provided pumping solutions for major deep well dewatering and wellpoint dewatering projects across the city. Our growing reputation within the region has prompted the need for a larger depot and additional yard space to accommodate an expanding rental fleet.

Dubai is famous for being the tourism capital of the UAE and its high concentration of ongoing construction projects, with many multimillion-pound developments currently underway. Our dewatering expertise and groundwater control have played a vital role in enabling countless building projects to go ahead, with demand for our services now at an all-time high.

The move will also benefit our Andrews Sykes Climate Rental operations by allowing us to cut response times when customers require HVAC or drying equipment.

Jamie Smele, General Manager at Khansaheb Sykes, said: “As a forward-thinking company that has enjoyed much success in a competitive market, it made sense for us to invest in a larger and more modern depot that is reflective of the way we do things.

“Our new property gives us an excellent foothold within a thriving city and allows us to play a significant role in helping to shape the everchanging geographical landscape, by providing complex dewatering solutions across the emirates.”

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Heaviest rainfall since 1996 necessitates Khansaheb Sykes’ help in UAE

Heavy downpours across the United Arab Emirates have brought much of the country to a standstill, breaking a 24-year record for rainfall in the region. The impact has been so severe that the Ministry of Infrastructure Development has allocated 20 task forces to monitor the situation, with people fearing for their businesses and livelihoods.

A spokesman for the federal authority explained: “The teams have been assigned to deal with three main tasks, which include the drainage of waterlogged roads, removing mud and heavy debris, as well as repairing roads that may have been damaged by the rain.”

Unsurprisingly, the last few days have been extremely busy for our Khansaheb Sykes engineers who have been working tirelessly to ensure the effects of flooding are minimised.

A trailer carrying 10 of our GP150M dewatering pumps was delivered to Ras Al Khaimah Municipality – one of the seven emirates that make up the UAE. These pumps are being used to remove flood water at numerous locations within the state and are providing vital relief to people based there.

Additionally, more than 50 dewatering pumps have been supplied to companies located within the worst affected areas and these are predominantly being used to remove surface water.

Ironically, the weather has been so severe that our own depot in Abu Dhabi has been affected. Fortunately, we have the means and resources to tackle the flooding and have been using our equipment on site to remove tens of thousands of litres of water.

While demand for our pumps has naturally surged, we have also provided drying equipment to a number of businesses in the area. The Midfield Terminal Complex within Abu Dhabi International Airport was badly affected by dampness, prompting us to arrange the hire of 20 building dehumidifiers which will accelerate the drying process.

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Sykes Pumps, not just for dewatering applications

Khansaheb Sykes was approached to provide a feasible and dependable solution to a project at one of the UAE’s busiest airports. A complete site survey was carried out to access the project and for Khansaheb Sykes R&D department to provide the best solution using a Sykes dewatering pump.

The solution for Fire Safety Training was to provide a Sykes GP150 6inch dewatering pump built as a booster pump powered by Kirloskar Air cooled engine supported by a Murphy Control Panel thereby allowing the pump to run in an Auto start / stop function controlled by discharge water pressure.  

Aircraft under test

> Sykes GP150M located approximately 9mtr below elevated water tank connected via solid fixed pipe and 4” flanged wire armoured hose.

> Discharge connected to fixed underground pipework via 4” flanged wire armoured for an approximate distance of 50m, terminating on 2 x 2” ball valve off takes to aircraft.

> Murphy MPC-20 starting panel operated via pressure transducer located on discharge flange.

> Starting pressure set to 1.2bar – shutdown pressure of 2.5bar.

> Once 2” take off valves are opened engine starts and pump operation allows water feed to aircraft spray bar suppressing aircraft with water.

> On closing 2’’ take off valves, engine closes automatically, and pump operation is stopped.

> Control panel will continue to be in standby mode until 2’ valves are opened restarting engine and pump operation.

> Engine RPM set to 1850

As the UAE’s leader in providing dewatering solutions, we pride ourselves on being able to suggest  the most adequate, budget friendly and timely services in order to support all enquiries, whether it be Deep Well Dewatering, Wellpoint Dewatering, dewatering pumps for hire activities or bespoke pump builds. Depending on the project type, we are able to customize our offering to you in order to most suit your requirements. Sykes Dewatering pumps are designed as such to handle the Middle Eastern harsh climate.

To know more about our dewatering pumps rental fleet or our expertise as a dewatering solutions provider in the UAE and GCC regions, contact one of our sales experts on 800 79537 or email us on [email protected] to know more!



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Happy retirement after 38 years’ service

This December, we say goodbye to one of the longest serving members of our team who retires after 38 years of fantastic service. Krishnan, who recently turned 60, oversaw pump sales from our Sharjah base in the United Arab Emirates.

A special event and a dedicated lunch celebrating his long service at Khansaheb Sykes took place earlier this year, with everyone at the company wishing him a long and happy retirement. Krishnan joined the business during the early 80s and has demonstrated remarkable loyalty spanning almost four decades.

Krishnan with his wife

Jamie Smele, General Manager of Khansaheb Sykes, said: “Krishnan has been a fantastic and valued member of the team for many years and we’ll all be sad to see him go. We’d like to thank him for everything he has done at Khansaheb Sykes and wish him every happiness in the future.”

Everyone at the company congratulates Krishnan on a long and successful career and we hope he enjoys a well-earnt retirement!

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Electric Motor Driven Road Towable Dewatering Pumps by Khansaheb Sykes

Khansaheb Sykes the Middle Eastern arm of “Sykes Pumps” have been providing the most reliable and efficient dewatering pumps throughout the Middle East for over 4 decades, making us the leading dewatering pump supplier in the MENA region, with continued support of a network of distributors throughout the GCC.

Dewatering Pumps are commonly fitted with Diesel Engines, however, a Dubai Government Department requested bespoke Sykes 8” dewatering pumps on a road towable trailer with an Electric Motor as the prime mover.

Khansaheb Sykes Engineering Department got down to business to come up with a design that best suited the client’s remit.

Khansaheb Sykes were most grateful to receive this order for purchase of our popular GP200M dewatering pumps on a road towable trailer with a Bespoke Electric Motor.

Sykes GP200M dewatering pump fitted with 75kw electric motor

The Sykes brand of pumps are renowned within the market sectors and are a trusted manufacturer of Dewatering Pumps and have been for over 160years.

Our dewatering pumps cover a multitude of pumping solutions, to include, general purpose dewatering pumps used within the wellpoint dewatering technique, sump pump dewatering, sewage over-pumping and as a booster pump.

To know more about our range and fleet of equipment call us on our toll free 800 79537 or click here to arrange a site visit to our yard

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Confirmed order, for Sykes’s Dewatering Pumps to our GCC Distributor Partner

Sykes pumps not just a Blue colour dewatering pump!

Khansaheb Sykes are known to provide you with the most reliable and efficient dewatering pumps and have done for the last 160 years!

 Our presence in the Middle East for over 4 decades has made us the leading and trustworthy dewatering pumps supplier in the MENA region.

Following on from a successful delivery of an earlier dewatering pump order, Khansaheb Sykes’ received an additional order for the Sykes GP200 8’’ dewatering pump from their trusted partner. Our build division dispatched the dewatering pump as per time critical schedule.


Dewatering Pumps were finished in the customers own paint colour, supported by a Kirloskar HA494 Air cooled engine with Zone II accessories.

The Sykes brand of dewatering pumps are renowned within the market place and are a trusted manufacturer, with an ever growing range to compliment the rental fleet of Khansaheb Sykes as well as their customers own. The Sykes Dewatering Pumps include, general purpose dewatering pumps, drainage, wastewater, sludge, borehole, hydraulic, super silent, high performance and air pumps etc.

To know more about our range and fleet of equipment call us on our toll free 800 79537 or click here to arrange a site visit to our yard

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