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Sykes Pumps, not just for dewatering applications

Khansaheb Sykes was approached to provide a feasible and dependable solution to a project at one of the UAE’s busiest airports. A complete site survey was carried out to access the project and for Khansaheb Sykes R&D department to provide the best solution using a Sykes dewatering pump.

The solution for Fire Safety Training was to provide a Sykes GP150 6inch dewatering pump built as a booster pump powered by Kirloskar Air cooled engine supported by a Murphy Control Panel thereby allowing the pump to run in an Auto start / stop function controlled by discharge water pressure.  

Aircraft under test

> Sykes GP150M located approximately 9mtr below elevated water tank connected via solid fixed pipe and 4” flanged wire armoured hose.

> Discharge connected to fixed underground pipework via 4” flanged wire armoured for an approximate distance of 50m, terminating on 2 x 2” ball valve off takes to aircraft.

> Murphy MPC-20 starting panel operated via pressure transducer located on discharge flange.

> Starting pressure set to 1.2bar – shutdown pressure of 2.5bar.

> Once 2” take off valves are opened engine starts and pump operation allows water feed to aircraft spray bar suppressing aircraft with water.

> On closing 2’’ take off valves, engine closes automatically, and pump operation is stopped.

> Control panel will continue to be in standby mode until 2’ valves are opened restarting engine and pump operation.

> Engine RPM set to 1850

As the UAE’s leader in providing dewatering solutions, we pride ourselves on being able to suggest  the most adequate, budget friendly and timely services in order to support all enquiries, whether it be Deep Well Dewatering, Wellpoint Dewatering, dewatering pumps for hire activities or bespoke pump builds. Depending on the project type, we are able to customize our offering to you in order to most suit your requirements. Sykes Dewatering pumps are designed as such to handle the Middle Eastern harsh climate.

To know more about our dewatering pumps rental fleet or our expertise as a dewatering solutions provider in the UAE and GCC regions, contact one of our sales experts on 800 79537 or email us on [email protected] to know more!



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Happy retirement after 38 years’ service

This December, we say goodbye to one of the longest serving members of our team who retires after 38 years of fantastic service. Krishnan, who recently turned 60, oversaw pump sales from our Sharjah base in the United Arab Emirates.

A special event and a dedicated lunch celebrating his long service at Khansaheb Sykes took place earlier this year, with everyone at the company wishing him a long and happy retirement. Krishnan joined the business during the early 80s and has demonstrated remarkable loyalty spanning almost four decades.

Krishnan with his wife

Jamie Smele, General Manager of Khansaheb Sykes, said: “Krishnan has been a fantastic and valued member of the team for many years and we’ll all be sad to see him go. We’d like to thank him for everything he has done at Khansaheb Sykes and wish him every happiness in the future.”

Everyone at the company congratulates Krishnan on a long and successful career and we hope he enjoys a well-earnt retirement!

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Electric Motor Driven Road Towable Dewatering Pumps by Khansaheb Sykes

Khansaheb Sykes the Middle Eastern arm of “Sykes Pumps” have been providing the most reliable and efficient dewatering pumps throughout the Middle East for over 4 decades, making us the leading dewatering pump supplier in the MENA region, with continued support of a network of distributors throughout the GCC.

Dewatering Pumps are commonly fitted with Diesel Engines, however, a Dubai Government Department requested bespoke Sykes 8” dewatering pumps on a road towable trailer with an Electric Motor as the prime mover.

Khansaheb Sykes Engineering Department got down to business to come up with a design that best suited the client’s remit.

Khansaheb Sykes were most grateful to receive this order for purchase of our popular GP200M dewatering pumps on a road towable trailer with a Bespoke Electric Motor.

Sykes GP200M dewatering pump fitted with 75kw electric motor

The Sykes brand of pumps are renowned within the market sectors and are a trusted manufacturer of Dewatering Pumps and have been for over 160years.

Our dewatering pumps cover a multitude of pumping solutions, to include, general purpose dewatering pumps used within the wellpoint dewatering technique, sump pump dewatering, sewage over-pumping and as a booster pump.

To know more about our range and fleet of equipment call us on our toll free 800 79537 or click here to arrange a site visit to our yard

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Confirmed order, for Sykes’s Dewatering Pumps to our GCC Distributor Partner

Sykes pumps not just a Blue colour dewatering pump!

Khansaheb Sykes are known to provide you with the most reliable and efficient dewatering pumps and have done for the last 160 years!

 Our presence in the Middle East for over 4 decades has made us the leading and trustworthy dewatering pumps supplier in the MENA region.

Following on from a successful delivery of an earlier dewatering pump order, Khansaheb Sykes’ received an additional order for the Sykes GP200 8’’ dewatering pump from their trusted partner. Our build division dispatched the dewatering pump as per time critical schedule.


Dewatering Pumps were finished in the customers own paint colour, supported by a Kirloskar HA494 Air cooled engine with Zone II accessories.

The Sykes brand of dewatering pumps are renowned within the market place and are a trusted manufacturer, with an ever growing range to compliment the rental fleet of Khansaheb Sykes as well as their customers own. The Sykes Dewatering Pumps include, general purpose dewatering pumps, drainage, wastewater, sludge, borehole, hydraulic, super silent, high performance and air pumps etc.

To know more about our range and fleet of equipment call us on our toll free 800 79537 or click here to arrange a site visit to our yard

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Khansaheb Sykes and engine partner ‘Lister Petter UK’ goes from strength to strength

Sykes Pumps and its engine partner Lister Petter Engines UK, continue their strong bond.

Following on from a successful pump sales trading period in 2018, Khansaheb Sykes have taken additional engine deliveries from Lister Petter UK, namely the TR3 Air Cooled engine. From received boxed engines to complete pump build in less than a week

Khansaheb Sykes new pump build division completed an order of 10 x Genuine Sykes WP150 -60 dewatering pumps powered by Lister Petter TR3 Engines for an Oil & Gas client based in Abu Dhabi in the agreed time frame and just in time for the rainy climate. 

Khansaheb Sykes have been established in the Middle East for over 40 years our Sykes dewatering pumps are the market leader within the UAE and throughout the GCC via our established dealer network.

To know more about our extensive range of dewatering pumps our equipment fleet for all dewatering applications , call us on our toll free 800 79537 or click here to arrange a site visit to our yard.

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Newly fleeted Sykes GP150 dewatering pumps heading out for a Ballasting Project in Dubai, not sure if the paint had even dried!

The Sykes dewatering pumps can be utilized on several applications, not only as a WellPoint dewatering pump. With an open impeller design they are suitable for moving sewage water, as booster pump on dewatering projects where the discharge point is not in close proximity to the project site and for general pump hire.

On this occasion 10x Sykes GP150M dewatering pumps are being used on an off -shore ballasting application.

Khansaheb Sykes again met customer expectations with its bespoke dewatering pump hire, ensuring that we always supply the optimal pumping solution for any project no matter how big or small.

Khansaheb Sykes stand as the market leader in the dewatering pump hire sector throughout the Middle East and GCC.

For enquiries, regarding your dewatering pumps or dewatering solutions requirements. Call Toll free 800 SYKES or visit our web site www.khansahebsykes.com.

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Khansaheb Sykes installs pumps for flushing a dormant chiller network

Khansaheb Sykes was contacted by a main contractor to provide pumps to flush a dormant chiller network prior to its commissioning.

Our response was to mobilise 5x Sykes 12” Pentair Diesel Dewatering Pumps along with bunded fuel tanks and all associated accessories to connect to the Chiller network.

Sykes 12” Pentair pumps under installation with the Iconic Burj Khalifa in the background

The Sykes Pentair 12” diesel dewatering pumps have the capability of, maximum duty flow of 1450m3/hr & maximum duty head of 45m. Dynamic testing was carried out before the chemical dowsing procedure. The pumping solution provided by Khansaheb Sykes works fault free – underling our ability as a pump hire specialist and being able to respond to any solution.

For more information on network flushing, deep well dewatering, wellpoint dewatering or dewatering solutions then, call us today on toll free 800 79537

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Khansaheb Sykes delivers to a new trading partner

Khansaheb Sykes are known to provide the most reliable and efficient dewatering pumps within the pump industry.

Our presence in the Middle East spans over 4 decades and the fact that Sykes Pumps celebrated its 160th year throughout 2017 into 2018 confirms that the Sykes branded pumps are leading the competition as a dewatering pump supplier in the MENA region

To Further cement our presence, Khansaheb Sykes are in the final states of securing a trading partner in Yemen, who will offer the full scope of Sykes Dewatering Pumps.

The first delivered order was for 4x Sykes GP150 Dewatering pumps powered by Kirloskar 3 cylinder Air Cooled engines and 4x Sykes WP150 Dewatering Pumps powered by Lister Petter TR3 Air Cooled engines, additional pump orders are currently under production.

Genuine Sykes Pumps are renowned within the market place and are a trusted manufacturer of Dewatering Pumps, with an ever growing range to compliment the fleet of Khansaheb Sykes to  include, general purpose dewatering pumps, drainage, wastewater, sludge, borehole, hydraulic, super silent, high performance and air pumps etc.

To know more about our range and fleet of equipment call us on our toll free 800 79537 or click here to arrange a site visit to our yard

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Khansaheb Sykes Silt Away in Operation in Abu Dhabi

Following on from the success of the Sykes environmentally silt separation system, Khansaheb Sykes have introduced the same unit into their rental fleet for the UAE / GCC region.

In the majority of cases, water pollution is caused by the presence and prolonged build-up of sediment, silt and other abrasives which puts mounting pressure on our clients to ensure discharged water is as silt free as it can be before being reintroduced to a storm water network or directly back into the sea.

Increasing requirements for companies to take their ecological obligations seriously has led to Khansaheb Sykes adding a this new environmentally friendly product to our extensive hire fleet – the Sykes Silt Away. By deploying a Silt Away unit on site, customers can be confident of avoiding substantial fines and adverse publicity, as well as suffering enforced closures.

The unit has been designed for use in conjunction with the Sykes range of 6” dewatering pumps (150mm). As water is pumped through the Silt Away, it is filtered allowing the sediment and solids to be collected and contained within the unit.

In heavily contaminated situations, customers can connect two Sykes Silt Away units in series to ensure that the discharge is successfully cleansed. The implications of failing to observe environmental regulations are far-reaching and range from damaging natural habitats, killing wildlife and even blocking sewers. It is of huge importance that projects are completed within designated timeframes, but without compromising the safety of any given location.

Features and benefits include:

- Effective separation of suspended solids
- A robust, compact steel structure for maximum strength and durability
- Low-level inlet and outlet connections for safe, easy use
- Large capacity for applications where high flow is required
- Designed for safe transportation to and from site
- Innovative cleaning, sampling and emptying features

Speaking prior to the unveiling, Sykes Pumps sales director Chris Graham, said: “From listening to customers, we have designed a product that is both safe and easy to operate. Features like a hinged discharge chamber opening and dedicated flushing points facilitates easy emptying and cleaning.

“We have reacted to growing market demand for efficient environmental equipment by developing the new Silt Away, which has now been added to our extensive fleet for immediate availability.”

 For more information the Khansaheb Sykes Silt Away or our extensive range of Dewatering pumps. Call our Toll free 800 SYKES or visit our web site www.khansahebsykes.com.

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Khansaheb Sykes Welcomes additional JCB Generators for it’s 2019’s Rental Fleet!

Following on from the success of earlier fleeted JCB Generators, Khansaheb Sykes has placed an additional order for further JCB Generators from Dubai’s local dealer ‘Galadari Equipment Solutions’

Generators awaiting PDI and deliver to Khansaheb Sykes workshops are the first phase of 2019 Capital Equipment Expenditure are, 6x Q65QS & 2x Q115QS. The new fleet additions will further enhance our rapidly growing generator fleet where they will provide power on a number of dewatering applications.

At the heart of the generator range is the JCB 4Cylinder Dieselmax Engine providing the power, delivering low fuel consumption, increased efficiency and low noise to deliver a superior performance, even in the harsh Middle Eastern climate.

These new generation generators will complement our dewatering pumps division, whether it be running on a deep well or well pointing projects, to powering our electric submersible dewatering pumps.

The telematic system offered by JCB’s “Live Link” has the ability to rapidly improve the efficiency of the generators by providing up-to-date information, for example:-

. Machine and Fleet Hours

. Machine Critical Alerts

. Real Time Location

. Maintenance Reporting

. Real Time Geo- Fence alerts

Khansaheb Sykes has been serving the UAE since the last 40 years we will continue to provide you with efficient and effective dewatering solutions with the most up to date equipment.

To get in touch with one of our experts with regards to providing a dewatering solution or to discuss about our latest improvises and newly added fleets, contact us on our toll-free 800 79537 or send us a quick email on [email protected]

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