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Khansaheb Sykes are leaders in providing dewatering solutions. No other provider in the UAE, Middle East and MENA regions has as much expertise in deep well systems, well pointing and groundwater control. We offer a large range of dewatering pumps, accessories and services for both hire and sale.

Our service capabilities have been tried-and-tested many times in the harsh climate and our dewatering pumps are well adapted for the saline water conditions found in this region.

Wellpoint Systems and Deep Well Systems

With so many excavations reaching below the water table, our equipment and professional service help you to control and remove subsurface water quickly and effectively. You may have the best-run site, but without efficient control of underground water, you can soon get bogged down in costly and uncomfortable problems, with serious implications for the project as well as health and safety. That's where our dewatering pumps come in as an optimal solution.

We offer technical assistance for the selection of the most efficient dewatering method for your particular job or site. We can then manage the system, leaving you to enjoy the cost savings and allowing you to carry on with the rest of your building and construction requirements.

Construction of buildings, powerhouses, dams and many other structures requires excavation below the water table into water-bearing soils. We deliver solutions on such excavations requiring the lowering of the water table below the slopes and bottom of the excavation to prevent ravelling or sloughing of the slope and to ensure dry, firm working conditions for construction operations. We can control groundwater by means of one or more types of systems appropriate to the size and depth of the excavation, geological conditions, and characteristics of the soil.


A number of methods are available for controlling the inflow of water into an excavation; the choice of method will depend on the nature and permeability of the ground, the extent of the area to be dewatered, the depth of the water table below ground level and the amount by which it has to be lowered, the proposed methods of excavation and ground support, the proximity of existing structures, the proximity of water courses etc. We offer our clients free site surveys and quotations for their requirements.

Wellpoint Dewatering

Wellpoint systems enable you to lower the groundwater table adequately for deep and large construction sites. It has proven to be a very flexible system. The water from highly permeable soils is pumped from wellpoints, installed along the trench of the site. They are jetted and spaced to obtain an efficient drawdown against lowest capacity. Along with integral strainers they are joined to transparent flexible hoses, which are connected by quick release couplers to the ring main header pipeline. Installation is done either by gravity or vacuum. It is one of the most economical, flexible and stable methods of controlling underground water from obstructing your site.

We provide a complete service: from site investigation and calculations, using our knowledge of previous subsoil conditions, to recommending and installing appropriate equipment. Typically, we install a number of well points, with tubes 40mm to 60mm in diameter, protected by a filter screen, to collect underground water efficiently. All our wellpoints are fitted as standard with high capacity vacuum pumps, enabling the maximum drawdown and greatest number of installations. When you need to excavate below 7-9 meters in water-bearing aquifer, we can also install a multi-stage system of wellpoints.

Progressive Line Installation

Designed for pipelines and other similar applications, a progressive or roll along approach is installed alongside the route, preceding excavation and pipe laying. Equipment from a previously completed and backfilled section is installed at the head of the line, removing the need for large quantities of equipment.

Deep Bored Well

When the water table needs lowering below 9 metres, conventional vertical wellpoint installation in stages isn’t feasible or economical. We provide an alternative: the tube or bored well. A hole is bored to the required depth; a mesh screen lining then allows water to accumulate at the bottom, which is removed by a submersible unit installed in the well which permits excavation down to 22m in a single stage.

Deep Well Dewatering

This system enables you to lower the groundwater table to a considerable depth. A submersible pump is installed at the bottom of the well. The discharge pipes are connected to a common delivery main. The water is raised from the well by a multi-staged unit which generates a high head corresponding to the depth of the well. It consists of an array of widely spaced bored wells fitted with multi-stage electric submersible units. Deep Well systems are effective in a range of soil conditions from gravel to fine sands. They can also be used where small amounts of drawdown are required over large areas, such as for trenches.

This installation typically consist of vertical or inclined bores, usually in the order of 200mm to 300mm diameter placed through the strata requiring pressure relief. A suitable uPVC well casing will be placed in the borehole, consisting of screened and cased sections. An adequate filter pack is installed to both maximize well yield and inhibit the movement of fines. After well development, airlifting within the well casing is carried out before a suitable electric submersible borehole unit is installed.

Open Dewatering

This system enables you to lower the groundwater table adequately in cohesive and low permeable soils. Water is pumped off directly from sumps (ditches) along the toes of the slopes of the excavation works. The suction hose with strainer is merely placed in the sump and the collected water is primed and discharged. This makes it easy to install and simple to operate.

In addition to our hire fleet and contract equipment, our dewatering pumps are also available for purchase, including all necessary accessories. We can put together complete packages based on your requirements.

Centrifugal Pumps

These are robust, highly reliable and are designed for handling high volumes of water. They convert the input power to kinetic energy in the liquid by accelerating the liquid by an impeller. Water enters through the eye of the impeller which rotates at high speed. The water is accelerated radially outward from the chasing. A vacuum is created at the impellers eye that continuously draws more water. These are used for large discharge through smaller heads. They are available from Khansaheb Sykes and are fully automatic with dry priming.

Electric Submersible Pumps

These are ideal for usage at all kinds of construction sites. Their easy handling and excellent capacity also make them ideal for many industries and applications. They have a range from 50mm to 200mm. The amount of material that can be shifted depends on the size of the unit and the constitution of the material and the particular application. Fully portable and providing hours of unattended pump operation, simply choose the size and model for your application or location. These units are unique to us and combine reliability with excellent serviceability, resulting in unrivalled operating economy. They deliver hours of unattended operation in even the toughest environments.

Hydraulic Submersible Pumps

When suction lift requirements exceed nine meters for diesel driven sets, the ideal solution is using a hydraulically driven submersible unit. Revolutionary Sweepax units are exclusive to Khansaheb Sykes.

To accompany our range of dewatering pumps, we can offer the most comprehensive range of hoses, fittings, control panels, settlement tanks, drop trays and fuel tanks. A one-stop shop for all your requirements – whether simple or complex.

Our accessories are designed for sustained performance and maximum reliability and are hard to beat. Our equipment is precision manufactured featuring hardwearing cast-iron parts and corrosion resistant materials throughout. Our machines, ranging from 1" up to 12" are used across many industries for controlling water from obstructing your site. If you have such a requirement but not sure what’s the best solution, our experienced technical staff are on hand to offer advice and site inspections where necessary without charge. Whatever your need, Khansaheb Sykes can offer a complete solution.

Through our depots and offices, we provide a local hands-on service nationwide. Our products and services are just a phone call away. To get further information or advice call us on [00971] 800 (SYKES)/79537.