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  • Locations throughout the Middle East.
  • The largest range of pumps in the MENA Region.

With designs and features based on our customer’s requirements, the Sykes High Performance range of pumps is the natural first choice for the most challenging situations. Typical applications for our High Performance range include the need to pump abrasive slurries, heavy sewage sludge or clean water, or to provide specialist solutions such as high pressure jetting, pipe flushing, pigging or fire fighting.

Some units are available with fully silenced canopies which not only dramatically reduces noise levels but also offers the advantage of being a fully enclosed unit for environmental purposes. A full range of accessories is available with our High Performance pumps including fuel tanks, high pressure hoses, automatic level controllers and, for applications in a combustible atmosphere, chalwyn valves and spark arrestors..

Ask the experts: call Sykes free on [00971] 800 79537 to discuss any requirements you have.