Offshore and Float-outs

Khansaheb Sykes provides a complete end-to-end service for offshore projects including float-outs. We are highly experienced in providing assistance to offshore oil and gas companies, heavy load specialists and shipyards. Our all-encompassing range of general purpose, silenced, submersible and high performance units guarantees we can accommodate all requirements across a full spectrum of applications

Our service

Our service

The use of pumps in hazardous circumstances requires not just the right equipment but also the expertise to advise our clients, Khansaheb Sykes can offer you both. Whether you need diesel driven pumps with chalwyn valves and spark arrestors, or electric submersibles which are ATEX approved, we can supply you with the exact solution you need, wherever you need it. Since 1857 Sykes has prided itself on supplying the highest quality equipment provided by highly trained staff. When the application requires a more challenging solution we are the company to turn to.

When working offshore not only does health and safety take on an increased significance but so does the performance of any equipment used. Without the ability to simply visit a local depot if there are any issues it is imperative that all equipment is serviced and maintained to a strict schedule. Only the highest quality original manufacturers parts and spares are used to guarantee trouble free performance.

As well as the quality of our equipment, we ensure that our staff are the best in the industry with a programme of continuous improvement including performance monitoring and knowledge testing. This means that we can be sure we offer our clients the best service available, whatever the application.



Ballasting of floating vessels is a centuries old practice, but the ballasting of vessels with continually changing weight distribution is a particularly challenging task. Khansaheb Sykes has many years of experience in providing pumps and expertise for just such a task. Our expertise has been used to launch oil rigs and other offshore platforms.

Whether you need to control flows, selectively move water or even find an effective counterbalance for when cargo is loaded onto a vessel, our pumps help ensure your vessel is correctly ballasted. It is essential that this process is carefully controlled otherwise there could be safety implications, as well as other underlying problems with a boat’s weight and stability. There are, however, several advantages of ballasting, including the fact that tanks can be easily emptied or refilled making a boat’s mass easy to change.

We have the broadest range of equipment available for hire including units specifically designed for offshore projects. Our units are easily operated and can be easily controlled, essential with the high number of factors involved in keeping a vessel stable. They are also capable of high flow volumes, which is essential when thousands of litres of water need to be moved in a short space of time.

High Pressure Applications

High Pressure Applications

As the country’s leading supplier of high pressure technology and pumping solutions, we can provide units for virtually every function or purpose. Our array of electric and diesel driven pumps can be used for fire systems and are compatible with available water supplies or static sources such as tanks. These pumps are able to be used to test the high pressure systems common in offshore structures. They can also be used as a replacement or back up to installed systems, particularly during periods of repair or maintenance.

We can also provide pumps which are capable of adequately hydro-testing pipes both prior to and during periods of use. Oil and gas pipelines, for example, are generally pressurised to at least 125% of their maximum operating pressure at various points along the pipe itself. Testing also extends to general problems to ensure there are no leaks along sections of the pipe saving the loss of valuable commodities and preventing environmental problems caused by leakage. Our range of high pressure pumps are ideal for such applications.

Whatever your process or requirements, we guarantee to be able to offer assistance, technical support and most importantly, the right pumps for our clients. Unlike many of our competitors, Khansaheb Sykes provides a genuine nationwide service which extends to delivery and complete installation, should this be necessary.

Case Studies

High flow, high head pump to test equipment for oil industry: Khansaheb Sykes were approached to provide a high flow pump to test specialist equipment used to accurately monitor flow of hydrocarbon products during transfer at an oil refinery.

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