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As the country’s leading provider of strategic pumping services, we have regular involvement with tunnelling projects nationwide. No other pump hire company can match our proficiency in pumping, dewatering or fluid movement which is why we have longstanding clients who specialise in tunnelling. We offer premium, reliable equipment to cover every feasible scenario, so whether you require a handful of units or an extensive package for major works, we have the capacity to accommodate all needs.

The greatly increased risks of working underground mean that the management of water to control the stability of the working environment is critical. In addition to the protection of the workforce, the costly delays which result from work being held up by excessive water mean that it is imperative the pumping system installed is appropriate for the circumstances and is able to deal with fluctuating water volumes due to changes in weather or local conditions.

Before delivering or even proposing a potential pumping solution, our technicians undertake a thorough period of planning coordinated by a dedicated advisor. This allows us to gauge a more accurate understanding of your application’s needs, and a system will then be tailored to suit your specific circumstances. By taking into account all factors, we can provide a pumping solution that will cope with any change in site circumstances.

Complicated assignments such as tunnelling and shaft construction often present dewatering challenges which require expert handling. At Khansaheb Sykes, our engineers have the necessary level of experience to design dewatering systems, recommend and install equipment and conduct stringent pumping tests. The initial dewatering process is the first step towards tunnel construction and ensures all water is controlled while the solid material is removed from the area.

Draining groundwater from a shaft or tunnel needs to be managed carefully in order to protect the integrity of the walls and surrounding substrate. This can involve the use of surface mounted units for the initial excavation and then submersible pumps once the depth of the shaft or tunnel exceeds the maximum suction lift of a surface mounted unit. The pump selection process is a critical element in the planning of the works as an incorrect selection puts the safety of the project at risk or could result in unnecessary costs. We offer free site surveys to our clients to help you ascertain the most applicable solution for your individual requirements.

Dewatering specifically for tunnels can often be accomplished via inclined or vertical wells drilled downwards from ground level, as long as there is sufficient access above the tunnel. The presence of service pipes between any tunnel and the ground can make the task more difficult, but dewatering can still be achieved without disturbing existing pipework.

Khansaheb Sykes’ comprehensive range of electric and hydraulic submersibles is ideal for underground working. Hydraulic units can be used where the provision of electric power is impractical, with the power pack capable of operating the pump end at a distance of 100m. Electric submersibles have a wider range of size, head and flow combinations and are therefore incredibly versatile in their use.

The Sykes submersible range has been used extensively in tunnelling as well as other areas with land development plans. Our range of equipment, including accessories such as float level control panels, allows these programs to be managed effectively irrespective of any changes in weather or the general condition of the site. Electrically-powered and easy to relocate if necessary, the units range from 2” through to 8”, guaranteeing that we will have a suitable pump for every application.

Al Salam Tunnel: The dewatering services for this contract consisted of over 150 Deep Wells installed and operated by the Khansaheb Sykes Abu Dhabi branch who were there from the outset.

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