Emergency Pumping Services

Khansaheb Sykes has a superb success rate responding to emergencies and offers a genuine 24-hour call-out and pumps backup service. From pump breakdowns in any industry or location to burst water mains, from dewatering on building sites to sewer collapses, chemical spills and waste discharge, we'll be with you fast.

Our Service

Our Service

As the UAE’s leading provider of strategic pump services and equipment, we have unrivalled expertise in designing and commissioning, especially when the pressure is on to deliver the correct solution quickly. Flooded or waterlogged sites can cause serious delays to projects you may be working on, as well as increase costs dramatically. Unlike many other hire companies, we offer 24 hour coverage and protection - so should an emergency arise and disrupt your plans, we will work with you to overcome the issue from the moment you make contact with us.

Whether you suffer pump failure, burst water mains or even chemical spillages and waste discharge, we pledge to be the fastest provider of the right solution. As a company, we have been delivering complex yet cost-efficient pumping systems for over 150 years and have the knowledge and skills to assist you. From short-term support through to long-term hires, you can rely on us to accommodate your every requirement.

Our national network means there is always a depot close to you, no matter where you’re located. This allows us to promise and deliver a swift service all year round, whatever the time of day or night, and apply the most appropriate remedy available. We have both resources and technicians constantly on hand to alleviate flood pressures, sewer collapses or any other crisis that you might face.

Sewage Diversion

Sewage Diversion

When a sewer prevents land development or the expansion of existing property, it is possible to make a temporary diversion if the relevant authorities agree. This potentially complicated process should be overseen by industry experts to guarantee its safe and proper execution. At Khansaheb Sykes, our qualified engineers are able to manage the entire procedure and will even recommend units most suitable for this particular application. When the diversion needs to be undertaken as a result of a broken sewer, then our emergency response kicks into action.

Typically, the need for emergency sewage diversion involves residential environments where pipes have burst and the resulting spillage represents a hazard to health. Our electrical pumps are ideal for these scenarios and can be delivered, installed and functional within hours of a problem being reported. They are also easily controlled by a number of methods including manually, float, ultrasonic or even speed regulation via variable speed drive panels. If generators or a power supply is unavailable then our fleet of super silenced diesel units ensure the same level of safety at low noise levels.

Our unrivalled success rate in responding to urgent issues makes us the country’s foremost supplier of pump units and accessories. We understand that, when something unexpected occurs, you need specialist staff who can tailor a solution accordingly and quickly.



The consequences of flooding are potentially crippling, with economic and environmental costs attached - as well as the devastating impact on people’s homes. Floods generally occur unexpectedly with little to no time for preparation, but Khansaheb Sykes will react to them quicker than anyone else. Our rapid response to setbacks on any scale means we can tackle the root cause to prevent your operation being brought to a complete standstill or to protect your valuable assets.

Our electric submersible drainer pumps have been manufactured with diverting water flows and sump pumping in mind, as well as general water transfers. They are very easy to manoeuvre and install thus allowing quick deployment - a vital feature, particularly during an intense flood. These units can be set up to work unattended for extended periods allowing those affected to concentrate on other tasks. As large flow generation pumps, significant quantities of water can be removed at any one time, reducing the effects of flooding.

As a company, we are committed to providing our customers with market-leading responses to water-related issues throughout the UAE. Our highly trained engineers work hard to understand your requirements and deliver the solution which meets your requirements.

Case Studies

Khansaheb Sykes assist leading water provider following failure of sewage pumps: When we received an emergency call from a leading water company in Dubai which was suffering a sewage pump failure, our engineers responded quickly with a solution in order to prevent any serious problems.

Emergency Storm Rainwater Pumping from Khansaheb Sykes: An emergency pumping service was needed to support the Road Transport Authority to pump excess storm rainwater collecting on Emirates Road.

Khansaheb Sykes Helps With Midnight Emergency: The water supplying company serving a major part of the city was in urgent need to repair a burst pipe before the residents ran out of water.

Khansaheb Sykes Assist Emergency Sewer Pipe Burst: When a major sewage pipeline burst during a construction work of a sewer, the contractor rushed to contact us on emergency basis to save the day.

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