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The requirements of refineries are both demanding and unique. We understand that a totally different approach is required to these environments and the risks associated with working within them. That is why all of our engineers are trained to work in such environments and understand the working practices commonly used.

Not only is the working environment a key consideration but the applications within refineries are often quite complex and mission critical. Again, our extensive experience means that we are able to advise on the best pumps and accessories configuration whether the requirement is for the movement of large volumes of water, protection of the site with a fire main or perhaps the transfer of hazardous or viscous fluids.

With a network of depots across the Middle East, we are close enough to be able to give you the service demanded of a local supplier but large enough to be able to draw upon an international stockholding of pumps and accessories and expertise and experience of our engineering teams.

Disaster management on refineries and industrial applications includes the prevention of spillages, equipment breakdown but perhaps most crucially - fires. At Khansaheb Sykes, we regularly provide customers with temporary fire installations when their existing systems break down or require maintenance. Although we are renowned for supplying equipment, we also have the expertise to conduct tests which help ensure our solution satisfies a client’s intended programme.

Our high performance units are ideal for specialist use and designed to meet a wide range of duties and requirements. Our range includes medium and high head pumps and pumps capable of moving in excess of 220l/s, making them extremely well-suited to emergency situations where vast quantities of water are needed.

We understand that our pumps may have to be modified to a flooded suction configuration in order to be compatible with original fire protection arrangement. This allows vital repairs to take place without leaving an application exposed to the risk of fire. With unrivalled levels of experience in delivering and installing alternative pumps, we are able to keep refineries and similar resources online when they might otherwise have to shut down for a period of time.

When new storage tanks and cylinders are manufactured, they must be scrupulously assessed prior to being commissioned. Whether these are designed to contain liquids or compressed gases, it is imperative that they are checked for faults and potential leakages. By hydraulically testing pipework and main components, you can discover problems before it costs you money, resources and the time to rectify any issue.

Our pumps are frequently used to ensure pressure vessels are fit for purpose, and drive water through plumbing, boilers and mechanical systems to detect unwanted outflow. Compression tightness can also be analysed by shutting off a supply valve and checking to see if there is a subsequent loss in pressure. These processes are generally carried out to verify safety standards have been adhered to, and that tanks and pipes can withstand long-term use.

Our vastly experienced engineers are capable of determining the best pumping system for your premises, irrespective of its use or purpose. We will appraise, advise, deliver and implement all equipment needed to assist your procedure and pledge to have processed all enquiries within a four hour time frame.

Deep well dewatering package for the Hamriyah Power Station Project, Ajman: Khansaheb Sykes LLC awarded a deep well dewatering package for the construction of the Pumping Station as part of the Hamriyah Power Station Project in Ajman.

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