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We pride ourselves on designing and implementing the most affordable yet efficient pump systems for our customer’s specific circumstances. For decades, our staff have developed and nurtured an unsurpassed level of proficiency, which is why we are the preferred supplier of pump hire solutions to the marine industry.

The range of pumps available for hire means that we can supply the most cost effective solution for your need. Whether you require a small submersible pump to empty a vessel, or a fully engineered solution involving high performance pumps for more complicated maintenance projects, we have the experience to provide you with exactly what you require. Our experience means that we have been involved with projects including lock gate repair, dredging, limpet dewatering and dock draw down as well as utilising our pumps to provide fire protection to some of the world’s largest ships while they are under repair.

We understand the need to hire pumps can arise unexpectedly and that a number of factors must be considered before these are deployed at your location. That’s why we offer our clients no obligation site surveys at times convenient to you, in order to ascertain the most appropriate course of action. Our round-the-clock cover sets us apart from competitors and ensures customers continue to receive the premium service they have come to expect.

With the most extensive range of quality equipment stocked across our nationwide depot network, we can be relied upon to accommodate your needs on any scale. Our team of specialists take concerted steps to work alongside the client to achieve preordained targets, while adhering to budget constraints and other restrictions.

At Khansaheb Sykes, we have been dispatching and commissioning turnkey systems for more than 160 years. During this time, our constant involvement in excavation programmes has helped us become established as the country’s number one supplier of specialist hire units to the marine industry. We fully understand the specific requirements of harbours, ports and other areas with shallow water, and have the capacity to handle enquiries all year round.

To ensure waterways are always passable and fit for purpose, we provide pump hire packages which remove sediment as quickly as possible ensuring the impact on the day to day running of your business is kept to a minimum.

Our electrical and hydraulic submersible pumps are well-suited to docks and similar applications because of their ability to handle abrasive materials with a high solid content. They have been specifically designed to move fluid which has a high viscosity, underlining their adaptability to a number of surroundings.

In addition to using our pumps for dredging our customers also use them when undertaking lock gate repairs and limpet dewatering. As a company, we also take our environmental obligations extremely seriously, whether that be utilising float systems to minimise engine running or using fully bunded, super silenced pumps to reduce noise.

As well as full-scale assignments such as dredging, we can also provide pump hire solutions for projects including water transfers and temporary supplies. We deliver complete solutions for a range of specialist environments and the temporary supply of water to vessels in dock is one such application.

The provision of high pressure pumps as a temporary fire main is a highly specialised operation and one in which we have considerable experience. The supply and set up of the pumps is just one aspect of this critical application with head and flow calculations key to the project’s success.

Prior to distribution, our pumps are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure they are functioning at full capacity, before being installed on your site. This guarantees that all equipment operates at the expected level and reduces the risk of future breakdown. To ensure this situation continues throughout the length of the hire, an engineer inspects the pumps on site every fourteen days, undertaking routine maintenance and offering advice to our clients to guarantee their continued, trouble free operation.

Khansaheb Sykes Drain Canal to ensure Construction Project Continues: When a new customer contacted Khansaheb Sykes to help with the removal of standing water from a newly constructed Canal on the Prestigious Al Reem Island in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi we were only too pleased to use our expertise to assist.

Deep Well for Seawater Pumping Station: Khansaheb Sykes was approached to install a deep well system for the construction of a new sea water intake pumping station near the border of Dubai

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    National Accounts

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