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Why Dewatering?

Dewatering is a necessary process when it comes to many construction projects, particularly when the construction is for underground projects. Underground water is a common discovery when excavating for a construction foundation, and acts as an obstacle which leads to delay in construction, increasing project costs and low resistance of constructed structure to calamities like floods, earthquakes etc.

Heavy rains, floods and coastline constructions are all sources to the increase in the level of groundwater. Whatever maybe the source of water in excavation or pits, the underline remains the same- No work can be done on that land until and unless water is removed/dried.

Khansaheb Sykes has been established here in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) since 1976 as a leading dewatering sub-contractor providing first-rate solutions for all constructions sites which require dewatering. The process of dewatering becomes a very vital part of construction projects in the Middle East as the land here is very dry.

Dewatering pumps are the core for all dewatering needs. Khansaheb Sykes uses different kind of pumps for different projects depending upon the soil and project type. The benefit of hiring a dewatering specialist such as Khansaheb Sykes is the availability of variety of solutions and complete knowledge of local soil conditions to assure the job is done correctly.

We make certain that our engineers are dedicated to every job undertaken and understand the soil dynamics & hydraulic composition of soil and plan out the best dewatering method required for the site.

For more information of our groundwater control, well point dewatering, deep well dewatering and pumping, please visit www.khansahebsykes.com or call us on our Toll Free 00971 800 79537