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Wellpoint Dewatering Drilling Machines working in unison

Khansaheb Sykes, the UAE’s longest and most established Dewatering Solutions provider and Ground Water Control Specialist was recently awarded a dewatering project which consists of Wellpoint Dewatering for approximately 30km.

Due to the eagerness to commence dewatering activities, 3 drilling machines were utilised at the project and due to the ground conditions 2 pneumatic drill heads and 1 conventional drilling auger were mobilized.

Khansaheb Sykes’ unique straight mast design allows drilling to a depth of 7.5mts in one continuous movement.

This in turn reduces the down time compared to conventional drilling machines, whereby you have to halt operations and increase the drilling auger every 1.5 mtr’s to reach your desired depth.

Our Straight Mast Drilling Machines are mainly used in the drilling of wellpoints for Wellpoint Dewatering, however, they can also be utilized for the drilling and installation of Piezo meters and Earth Rods

For more information on our range of Drilling Machines, Sewage Submersible Pumps or our extensive range of Dewatering pumps, please call our Toll free 800 SYKES or visit our web site www.khansahebsykes.com.