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Wellpoint Dewatering – Done at its best!

Khansaheb Sykes was recently approached by one of the leading contractors in Dubai, to control groundwater and perform dewatering. The project involved the construction of 4 large villa’s and 1 guard room which is spread around a huge area in the heart of Dubai.

After a detailed inspection of the soil quality and level of groundwater by our team, the method of Wellpoint dewatering was chosen as the best option for the job. It involved a series of individual WellPoint’s to be installed along the site to be dewatered and each of them connected via a header pipe to a main high capacity vacuum pump.


A high pressure water jetting pump was used for the installation of well points which were inserted in the soil by drilling and high pressure water. Wellpoint dewatering is an age old method of dewatering which is very economical, flexible and stable. Our site investigations, knowledge of subsoil conditions enable us to recommend you the best method suitable for any project.

At Khansaheb Sykes we ensure that the project is supported without any problems of groundwater by operating the pumps on a 24/7 basis and allocating a dedicated site operator for continuous hassle free operation.

Our dewatering and pumping services have been trusted for over 150 years, with our sincere dedication to each and every project may it be big or small. We are competent to provide you the best from our huge fleet with variety of different pumps.

You may feel free to contact us to know more about our Deepwell Dewatering, Wellpoint Dewatering, and Groundwater Control.

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