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Sykes Pumps, not just for dewatering applications

Khansaheb Sykes was approached to provide a feasible and dependable solution to a project at one of the UAE’s busiest airports. A complete site survey was carried out to access the project and for Khansaheb Sykes R&D department to provide the best solution using a Sykes dewatering pump.

The solution for Fire Safety Training was to provide a Sykes GP150 6inch dewatering pump built as a booster pump powered by Kirloskar Air cooled engine supported by a Murphy Control Panel thereby allowing the pump to run in an Auto start / stop function controlled by discharge water pressure.  

Aircraft under test

> Sykes GP150M located approximately 9mtr below elevated water tank connected via solid fixed pipe and 4” flanged wire armoured hose.

> Discharge connected to fixed underground pipework via 4” flanged wire armoured for an approximate distance of 50m, terminating on 2 x 2” ball valve off takes to aircraft.

> Murphy MPC-20 starting panel operated via pressure transducer located on discharge flange.

> Starting pressure set to 1.2bar – shutdown pressure of 2.5bar.

> Once 2” take off valves are opened engine starts and pump operation allows water feed to aircraft spray bar suppressing aircraft with water.

> On closing 2’’ take off valves, engine closes automatically, and pump operation is stopped.

> Control panel will continue to be in standby mode until 2’ valves are opened restarting engine and pump operation.

> Engine RPM set to 1850

As the UAE’s leader in providing dewatering solutions, we pride ourselves on being able to suggest  the most adequate, budget friendly and timely services in order to support all enquiries, whether it be Deep Well Dewatering, Wellpoint Dewatering, dewatering pumps for hire activities or bespoke pump builds. Depending on the project type, we are able to customize our offering to you in order to most suit your requirements. Sykes Dewatering pumps are designed as such to handle the Middle Eastern harsh climate.

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