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The Little Innovations at Khansaheb Sykes

Sykes pumps are renowned for its continuous development to its pump range to offer the best for its clients. As we see a lot of development in the Middle East, we strive to improve our fleet to keep our clients satisfied.

Working with our clients over the years, we understand that they are facing issues with the limited space in construction areas. It was obvious, not all places are spacious enough to accommodate drilling rigs, cranes, bull dozers, dewatering pumps and other heavy equipment.

Considering the problem was increasing day by day, with clients experiencing time delays due to limited space for all heavy equipment, Khansaheb Sykes came out with an innovative idea to save 50% of the space occupied by their pumps!!!

 With a built in frame around the pump, which can stack another pump on top, the new design saves plenty of space, which otherwise would have been wasted if the pump was lying beside. With this addition of the new designed pumps, Khansaheb Sykes is able to provide three different designs of pumps- Wheel Pumps, Skid Frame Pumps and Stackable Pumps. All these designs are available in all our wellpoint dewatering pumps. The redesigned pumps have been of a great success, where we are already receiving thankful messages from clients who are delighted to see a new innovation in pumps.

Developing ourselves in the present for the changes and developments in the future, has always been a success mantra for Khansaheb Sykes Team. Feel free to contact us for any queries or enquiries on our wheel pumps, skid frame pumps or stackable pumps, our team will be happy to help you.

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