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Longstanding associate of Khansaheb Sykes places substantial order

If any evidence was needed that our reputation as the region’s leading provider of dewatering pumps carries weight, then look no further than the frequency with which we receive repeat business from satisfied clients.

At Khansaheb Sykes, we are also known for being able to meet the unique demands of our customers by tailoring pumps to include features that are specifically requested.

Only last month, an international engineering and transport company asked us to modify our GP150M units to enhance maneuverability and reduce ground clearance.

Despite the scale of the requirement and the fact that the pumps were needed at incredibly short notice, our team worked tirelessly to ensure they were built and ready for shipping ahead of schedule.

As a result, the units are now being used on our client’s own float-out projects, with the design alterations helping things run as smoothly as possible.

Having originally done business with us in the UK, the company in question followed up on a previous order made last year in which the same type of unit was provided.

During discussions that took place around the time the second consignment of pumps was purchased, the customer disclosed that they had been very impressed with our equipment and regarded us as the industry’s leading pumps manufacturer – and we would be happy to agree with them!