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Khansaheb Sykes Welcomes New Generators in our Fleet!

Continuous improvement and change towards betterment are what drives us at Khansaheb Sykes in serving you better each time.

Our dewatering and pump rental service promise you with a consistent and foolproof pumping solution 24/7 and 365 days a year. We have recently added a few more generators to our fleet which helps us in providing you with a reliable service throughout your hire period.

We rent generators to our clients alongside with our deep well and wellpoint pumps, to ensure that our units function consistently irrespective of the site facing power breakdowns if any. The growing demand in the construction and real estate sector in the Middle East requires contractors and sub-contractors to function effortlessly and ensure all backups are in place.

Our generators range from 30kW to up to 2000kW powered by diesel which provide solutions to every industrial need. Our efficient technicians and engineers will promptly deliver and install our equipment and ensure a continuous and reliable service.

Our dewatering team has been serving the UAE since the last 40 years and will continue to provide you with efficient and effective dewatering solutions. To get in touch with one of our experts about our latest improvises and newly added fleets, contact us on our toll-free 800 79537 or send us a quick email on [email protected]

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