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Khansaheb Sykes shows strength in numbers for major dewatering operation

When a largescale dewatering scheme requires immediate assistance, there are very few pump rental companies in the UAE that can accommodate demand beyond a certain scale.

For Khansaheb Sykes, however, the availability of suitable pumping equipment is never an issue. Having served customers across the Middle East since the 1970s, we have rightly developed a reputation for excellence, precision and reliability.

The efficiency with which we serve our clients has been supported by an expansive, modern rental fleet comprising of pumps designed for just about every use.

This capability has been a huge contributing factor in our involvement with many of the region’s most prominent pumping projects, including recently when a prestigious Abu Dhabi company sought a comprehensive dewatering solution.

Our customer requested a significant number of pumps to help remove water from a section of a port inlet and allow excavation works to begin in order to reduce water levels.

The sheer volume of pumps needed to successfully carry out this critical assignment would have been too much for most companies – but not us!

Initially, 60 dewatering pumps were delivered and installed less than two weeks after we were first contacted. Various strands of our business worked tirelessly to coordinate the maintenance, transportation and installation of the kit, with logistical processes performed flawlessly.

After the original requirement was handled, a further 30 units were supplied to supplement the pumps already functioning on site.

By seamlessly arranging the distribution of almost 100 dewatering pumps during a time-sensitive venture, we once again demonstrated our ability to effectively manage our resources and implement a solution that surpasses the high expectations of big-name customers.