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Khansaheb Sykes works out an Optimal Pumping Solution

Pumping high volumes of water has always been a challenge in the industry. This movement or pumping of high volumes of water requires a specialist Dewatering Pump Company with the most effective and efficient pumps.

Khanshaheb Sykes which is one of UAE’s Leading Dewatering, Ground Water Control and Over-pumping Specialist was recently awarded a prestigious Over-pumping  project within the Western Region of Abu Dhabi, where flows of over 10,000m3/hr needed to be maintained to ensure the Clients work was not interrupted so as to diminish any delays being caused in their work.

Overpumping being done by Khansaheb Sykes 

In order to retain the required flow being generated by an off shore dredger, Khansaheb Sykes’s Team utilized a fleet of 12inch Sykes AquaStream Dewatering Pumps along with all necessary dewatering accessories to achieve and maintain the flow. These pumps have a maximum head of 28m and a maximum flow rate of 1200m/3hrs, which proved to be quite capable and energy efficient.

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