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Khansaheb Sykes Installs Large Wellpoint Systems in Abu Dhabi for Infrastructure Works

A well designed wellpoint dewatering system was installed in order to dewater the numerous construction areas at the project site. Our engineers have supplied and installed over 90 dewatering pumps from our Abu Dhabi depot to the site location.

Dewatering by wellpoint installation is known to adequately lower the groundwater table for construction of large construction sites. It is a very flexible system within the industry and is known as the most practical and economical solution for lowering the groundwater table in order to proceed with construction

We have utilized the Sykes WP 150/60  dewatering pumps, which are designed to handle both dirty and clean water and which are widely used for construction sites. Given its automatic vacuum system and excellent air handling capacity, the dewatering pumps maintain constant vacuum on the installed wellpoints and allow for a faster drawdown of water to speed up the process of dewatering.