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Khansaheb Sykes Dewaters at Al Wasl, Dubai, UAE

Khansaheb Sykes was awarded as the Dewatering Sub Contractor for the upcoming collection of residential and retails units at the well-known Al Wasl Road, Dubai, UAE. The total land area to be dewatered is 682,000 square feet and the total built up area is 1.17 million square feet. The project is expected to finish by this year (2014).

The engineers at Khansaheb Sykes, offered to dewater the site with the age old, economical, flexible and stable well point dewatering system where a number of wellpoint tubes were installed, protected by gravel filtration tube, to collect groundwater efficiently without any gravel and large particles.

With around 600 wellpoints installed in the total area of dewatering, connected with 6 WP 150/60 pumps functioning 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, the site is now completely dry and the contractors are progressing with the construction without any groundwater impediment or problems.

Our experts have chosen a buried installation system, thus the header pipe is buried below the ground level, allowing the wellpoints to be installed at greater depth and providing efficient dewatering to lower levels.

The Site Engineer has quoted us with the following feedback, “Khansaheb Sykes have done an amazing job and we are happy with the perfect dry site we have. Since their dewatering has started, we haven’t incurred a single issue related to groundwater. Our construction is going on smoothly.”

Khansaheb Sykes have been an industry leader in dewatering operations, with a broad range of pumps for diverse usage in multiple environments. Our dewatering and pump hire has an expertise of over 50 years in the Middle East and over 150 years worldwide. We offer you with bespoke solutions for varied projects throughout the GCC region.

Our dewatering experts are willing to answer any of your queries with regards to dewatering, pump hire, deep well dewatering and well point dewatering. For the most expert advice, contact us now!

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