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Fingers Crossed for Dubai’s Bid at the EXPO 2020!!!

With just a day remaining for the disclosure of the host city for the EXPO 2020, Khansaheb Sykes team has high expectations from Dubai to win the bid. The buzz and excitement surrounding all over the UAE residents has created a lot of hype in the media for Dubai’s win!

Dubai’s bid for the Expo 2020 is expected to have long term benefits to all the emirates of the UAE, especially Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. The excitement of creation of thousands of new jobs and growth in the property market is seen as a major advantage.


UAE is looking forward to a sustainable economic growth, and hosting the world fair  will drive forward the country’s goals. It will also boom the construction sector in the emirate, which has recently seen many projects scrapped or delayed during the downturn of the economy. The site for expo2020 is expected to be across 1.2million sqm in the Jebel Ali area, the work of which is expected to start shortly after its approval by the end of 2015.

Khansaheb Sykes is looking forward to Dubai’s win as a host country. With a lot of growth in the economy we are as well expanding our fleets and resources. With the latest addition of newly manufactured pumps and newly appointed experts joining our team, we look forward to partner in the development of UAE as it grows.

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