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Government Department buys pumps following recommendation from client

At Khansaheb Sykes, we are renowned for providing customers with effective dewatering solutions and proposing the right equipment for each individual project.

This expertise has allowed us to work with customers from a broad range of industries including construction, marine, utilities and many more.

Our reputation as industry leaders has allowed us to develop commercial relationships with various major customers, including a prominent government entity that has approved us as their preferred pumps supplier.

Impressed with our service on previous assignments, the Government Department recommended us to a separate divisional authority after they, too, required a pump solution.

At this juncture, the client purchased several GP150M dewatering pumps mounted on highway trailers after liaising directly with our technical experts.

Widely regarded as the industry benchmark for transportable dewatering pumps, our GP150M units incorporate the revered Sykes Univac vacuum system that enables re-priming automatically from dry.

The customer was searching for equipment that was simple to operate and easy to maintain, with the pumps’ ability to operate unattended for hours at a time a key reason behind these models being suggested.