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Dubai government department purchases 22 Sykes Pumps from Khansaheb Sykes

At Khansaheb Sykes, we’re known for both the quality of our pumps and the speed with which we can supply them when a client has a requirement.

As the Middle East’s go-to dewatering pump company since the 1970s, we have decades of experience when it comes to delivering pumping solutions to high profile customers across the region.

This capability was recently demonstrated once again when a local government department in Dubai sought a total of 22 dewatering pumps. The sale of 12 Sykes GP150M and 10 Sykes GP200M general purpose pumps was agreed, with their immediate availability enabling the transaction to be completed almost instantly.

Our general purpose pump range has been designed for use in multiple disciplines including construction, utilities, sewage over-pumping and civil engineering applications, providing an ideal dewatering solution because of the pumps’ ability to prime and re-prime automatically from dry.

These pumps set the industry standard and are highly regarded due to their reliability, portability and ease of maintenance. They can also operate unattended for extensive periods of time, guaranteeing a level of flexibility that allows site workers to focus their attention on other aspects of a project.

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