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Dewatering solutions for the Hassyan Power Station Project, Dubai

Khansaheb Sykes LLC awarded an additional dewatering package for the construction of a Pumping Station as part of the Hassyan Power Station Project in Dubai, UAE.

Ground conditions at the project site are very hard therefore a bespoke dewatering solutions design was required, conventional Deep Well dewatering wouldn’t be effective at this project.

Khansaheb Sykes having vast experience in the Middle East offered a bespoke Sump Pump dewatering solution with a well-engineered dewatering design, limiting ingress of fine sands present at the site and overcoming the recharge from the sea ONLY 20m from the excavation boundary.

Sump Pump dewatering solution

Khansaheb Sykes’s dewatering solutions system is recognized as a cost effective way for medium to long term dewatering of large projects where the excavation is more than 6 meters, and to ensure a dry site at all levels of excavation a ‘French Drain’ was installed which channels the water to the Electrical Dewatering Pumps

bespoke dewatering solutions

Khansaheb Sykes’s has yet again met customer expectations with bespoke dewatering solutions, ensuring that we always supply the optimal pumping solution for any project no matter how big or small. Khansaheb Sykes proves to stand as a market leader in the dewatering sector.

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