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Dewatering Pumps utilized as ballast pumps

Sykes dewatering pumps can be used for numerous dewatering solutions, one in particular being a ballast pump.

As requested by the end user, Khansaheb Sykes converted a number of dewatering pumps so that both suction and discharge ports were facing the same way.

As the pumps are bring operated off shore and for an extended rental period then each dewatering pump was given a complete overhaul.

Khansaheb Sykes’s has yet again met customer expectations with its bespoke pump hire, ensuring that we always supply the optimal pumping solution for any project no matter how big or small. Khansaheb Sykes proves to stand as the market leader in the dewatering pump hire sector.

We are open to answer your queries and enquiries regarding your dewatering pumps or dewatering solutions requirements. Our experts are available to get in contact with you through Toll free 800 SYKES or visit our web site www.khansahebsykes.com.