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Dewatering performed for construction of School in Sharjah, UAE

When contractors think of laying out a perfect foundation for construction of any building, they think of Khansaheb Sykes, because of its vast local and international expertise for over 150 years combined with a dedicated and professional team!

Recently, Khansaheb Sykes was awarded as the dewatering contractor for one of the upcoming schools in the emirate of Sharjah, UAE. The site area which is spread across approximately 10,000 square meters was dewatered using our wellpoint dewatering system.


Due to the hard ground conditions Khansaheb Sykes team has provided free drilling and installed a total of 260 wellpoints by self-jetting system. The nearest discharge point for the site was 1.4 kilometers away, but the water is efficiently being discharged by two inline booster pumps installed in between the site and the discharge point. There is another sand trap that has been installed at the final discharge point to prevent ground particles from entering the manhole.

The wellpoint system has been connected via a header pipe to three Sykes WP150/60 pumps which are operating 24/7 to enable quick drying of site and uninterrupted construction. Khansaheb Sykes is very proud to be a part of a school development, which contributes to the future of UAE’s economy.

To enquire or ask any information about our dewatering systems & pump hire, you may feel free to contact us:

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