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Deepwell Dewatering for High Rise Building Project

Excavations are necessary for construction of firm foundations for the buildings. Deep excavations are very challenging as groundwater is prone to become an obstruction during the excavation progress.

When a leading contractor in Abu Dhabi was looking for a perfect dewatering sub-contractor for controlling ground water for the construction of a highrise building where an excavation of over 20 meters was required, Khansaheb Sykes was approached to control the water levels.

Deepwell dewatering is the most suitable method for controlling groundwater for excavations which are deeper and are not possible to be dewatered by installation of Wellpoint’s.

Once the final excavation limit was reached, the installation of a gravity drainage system was carried out and once fully installed our engineers withdraw the temporary installed deep well systems inside the plot area and the permanently deep well systems which are installed within the shoring wall will handle the dewatering after that.

The installation of gravity drainage system is an added advantage as there will be no opening in the raft, the civil contractor doesn’t need to make any opening in the raft, making the drainage system full proof.