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Construction company seeks Khansaheb Sykes pumping solution for infrastructural project

When a contractor sought a reliable dewatering pump arrangement to provide surface and sub-surface drainage management on a site in Dubai, they got in touch with us. For decades, Khansaheb Sykes has partnered customers from a multitude of industries and provided our extensive expertise in groundwater control whenever it is required.

On this occasion, our client was looking for a dewatering solution as part of a wider infrastructure works package which also involved controlling storm water drainage network levels. With the unique specifications of this project in mind, eight GP200M units were selected because of their aptitude for delivering in excess of 130 litres per second over distances of up to 1,100 metres.

These impressive performance capabilities were exactly what was required for the intended water transfers, which is why they are frequently used on building and engineering applications. Featuring automatic start/stop and dry run protection, our bespoke pumps were even fitted with solar panels to guarantee a constant power supply in remote locations and give the customer additional peace of mind.

With quality and reliability always at the forefront of what we do, it was important that the pumps were fitted with suitable engines given the critical nature of the application. After liaising directly with UAE Perkins, it was decided that each pump would be fitted with a 1104D-44TA water-cooled engine which allowed us to provide the contractor with a complete UK origin pump configuration.