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sewage submersible pump

Sykes Pumps, not just for dewatering applications

Khansaheb Sykes was approached to provide a feasible and dependable solution to a project at one of the UAE’s busiest airports. A complete site survey was carried out to access the project and for Khansaheb Sykes R&D department to provide the best solution using a Sykes dewatering pump.

The solution for Fire Safety Training was to provide a Sykes GP150 6inch dewatering pump built as a booster pump powered by Kirloskar Air cooled engine supported by a Murphy Control Panel thereby allowing the pump to run in an Auto start / stop function controlled by discharge water pressure.   read more

Khansaheb Sykes Silt Away in Operation in Abu Dhabi

Following on from the success of the Sykes environmentally silt separation system, Khansaheb Sykes have introduced the same unit into their rental fleet for the UAE / GCC region.

In the majority of cases, water pollution is caused by the presence and prolonged build-up of sediment, silt and other abrasives which puts mounting pressure on our clients to ensure discharged water is as silt free as it can be before being reintroduced to a storm water network or directly back into the sea.

Increasing requirements for companies to take their ecological obligations seriously has led to Khansaheb Sykes adding a this new environmentally friendly product to our extensive hire fleet – the Sykes Silt Away. By deploying a Silt Away unit on site, customers can be confident of avoiding substantial fines and adverse publicity, as well as suffering enforced closures. read more

Sykes GP100 Dewatering Pumps on Route to Oman

With 160 years of experience in manufacturing and distributing pumps all over the world, Khansaheb Sykes has recently finalized yet another sale contract in Oman. Having the capability to sell and dispatch pumps throughout the Middle East, including UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Khansaheb Sykes’s team ensures that the right equipment is delivered at the right time.

The Sykes GP100 dewatering pumps were ordered by our trading partner in Oman, Al Ansari Trading Enterprise LLC for a client in the government sector in Oman. The dewatering pumps as per the client’s requirement can handle both clean and dirty water containing limited solids.  read more

Khansaheb Sykes assist leading water provider following failure of sewage pumps

At Khansaheb Sykes we understand the need for quick action and thus we operate 24/7 and 365 days a year to accommodate your project needs.

As a leading dewatering and pump rental service provider we ensure we take all our enquiries with a promise to serve you within your schedule and budgets.

When recently we received an emergency call from a leading water company in Dubai which was suffering a sewage pump failure. Our engineers responded with a solution quickly in order to prevent any serious problems. read more

Khansaheb Sykes Supports Construction from last 4 years!

When it comes to construction, clients and contractors encounter several obstacles and delays. During such times, it is necessary to keep the constructed area stable and building unaffected so as to avoid any further delays and damages.

Khansaheb Sykes has been supporting the semi-constructed twin buildings in the emirate of Sharjah since 2009. Eighteen dewatering pumps have been functioning 24/7, 365 days continuously to support the buildings from any damages since the start of the project. Due to the downfall in the economy, the construction was halted by the contractors. It was essential that the dewatering system be kept running to avoid damage to the buildings. In spite of the construction site being very near to the sea shore, Khansaheb Sykes Dewatering Pumps have been very successful and reliable since the time the foundations were being laid, and have kept the site stable and construction intact. read more

Why Dewatering?

Dewatering is a necessary process when it comes to many construction projects, particularly when the construction is for underground projects. Underground water is a common discovery when excavating for a construction foundation, and acts as an obstacle which leads to delay in construction, increasing project costs and low resistance of constructed structure to calamities like floods, earthquakes etc.

Heavy rains, floods and coastline constructions are all sources to the increase in the level of groundwater. Whatever maybe the source of water in excavation or pits, the underline remains the same- No work can be done on that land until and unless water is removed/dried. read more

Khansaheb Sykes Operates its Latest Sewage Submersible Pump in Abu Dhabi

Our client carrying out routine maintenance to one of the largest pumping stations in Abu Dhabi contacted Khansaheb Sykes to assist them in over-pumping the wet well

Khansaheb Sykes provided a well-organized solution by installing their latest 12” Sewage Submersible Pump (KE304), which are operating in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the very first time. The sewage submersible pump offers a performance of maximum flow rate of 400l/s with a maximum head of 18mtrs.

Drainage and Waste Water (sewage) Submersible Pumps are a speciality of Khansaheb Sykes, and with the latest introduction of electric submersible pump technology these pumps remain unmatched in the industry. These pumps are unique to Khansaheb Sykes and are smooth running and vibration free and due to their design are inexpensive to maintain, and assure long trouble free performance. read more

Khansaheb Sykes Sewage Pump Hire for Essential Maintenance

Khansasheb Sykes had to devise a specialist solution to satisfy our customers challenging over-pumping application

Khansasheb Sykes had to devise a specialist solution to satisfy our customers challenging over-pumping application

When a key customer in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi contacted Khansaheb Sykes to devise a solution for the over pumping of ‘dirty water’ from a major operational sewer network, we were only too pleased to apply our pumping and application expertise to assist them.

The customer required a specialist hire pump to over-pump sewage from a large operational sewage system to enable essential maintenance work to be carried out (but without disruption to critical waste water services). Within this application, Khansaheb Sykes had to supply and install a specialist submersible sewage pump which could be submerged to a very deep level and yet still achieve a high flow rate of over 3000m3/hr of dirty water. read more

Khansaheb Sykes expands Sewage Submersible Pump Hire Fleet

Khansaheb Sykes the UAE’s longest and most established Dewatering and Ground Water Control specialist has enhanced its Sewage Submersible Pump range.

To complement the extensive existing fleet of Sewage Submersibles Pumps, the Pumpex KE 203 has been introduced – delivering exceptional pump performance with a maximum head of 26 m and maximum flow rate of 200 l/s through discharge outlet of 200mm (8”) diameter.

New addition to Khansaheb Sykes pump hire fleet – Pumpex KE203 sewage submersible pump (being lowered into manhole)

New addition to Khansaheb Sykes pump hire fleet – Pumpex KE203 sewage submersible pump (being lowered into manhole)

Having successfully over-pumped sewage manholes on the prestigious Yas Island development in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Khansaheb Sykes’ expertise was once again called upon by the same Client.  This time, the challenge was to over-pump a series of larger sewage manholes operating at depths of over 14 m requiring a discharge flow rate of over 500m3/hr.   Khansaheb Sykes immediately put the new addition of Sewage Submersible Pump to work, ensuring that this valued client received a professional and rapid solution to what would ordinarily have been a difficult problem to overcome. read more