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emergency pumping solution

Khansaheb Sykes assist leading Waste Water Contractor for Pumping Station Shutdown

At Khansaheb Sykes we understand the need for quick action and thus we operate 24/7 and 365 days a year to accommodate your project needs.

As a leading dewatering pump and pump hire service provider we ensure we take all our enquiries with a promise to serve you within your schedule and budgets.

When we received a call from a leading Waste Water Contracting Company in Dubai, whose scope of works was to over pump a sewage pumping station that required maintenance work. Our engineers responded with an initial site visit to understand the scope of works, quotation was submitted and mobilisation commenced. read more

Khansaheb Sykes provide emergency pumping solution for Hawksbill Turtle Habitat

The survival of the Hawksbill Turtle relies on clean, air-rated filtered sea water. Failure to provide this could lead to temporary closure of the Turtle Sanctuary. So, when one of Dubai’s leading hotels suffered failure to their water circulation pumping station, Khansaheb Sykes were contacted for an immediate solution.

Our pump specialists visited the location immediately due to the importance of keeping the water circulated, after initial inspection the installation of an AFEC 8220 Electric Submersible pump was temporary installed within the pumping station. Due to limited accessibility on site, a flexible discharge pipe was installed and laid around the pond area. read more