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Dewatering solutions

Khansaheb Sykes Dewaters for the Etihad Rail

Khansaheb Sykes is proud to be part of the prestigious Etihad Rrail project. This will be the first national freight and passenger railway network connecting seven emirates of the UAE.

With over 40 years’ experience in the successful design and execution of major dewatering challenges, Khansaheb Sykes, are the preferred and trusted partner for various main contractors across the projects’ Dubai and Abu Dhabi locations. Deep well, trenching and sump pumping systems have been used to dewater the excavations. read more

Government Department buys pumps following recommendation from client

At Khansaheb Sykes, we are renowned for providing customers with effective dewatering solutions and proposing the right equipment for each individual project.

This expertise has allowed us to work with customers from a broad range of industries including construction, marine, utilities and many more.

Our reputation as industry leaders has allowed us to develop commercial relationships with various major customers, including a prominent government entity that has approved us as their preferred pumps supplier. read more

Dubai government department purchases 22 Sykes Pumps from Khansaheb Sykes

At Khansaheb Sykes, we’re known for both the quality of our pumps and the speed with which we can supply them when a client has a requirement.

As the Middle East’s go-to dewatering pump company since the 1970s, we have decades of experience when it comes to delivering pumping solutions to high profile customers across the region.

This capability was recently demonstrated once again when a local government department in Dubai sought a total of 22 dewatering pumps. The sale of 12 Sykes GP150M and 10 Sykes GP200M general purpose pumps was agreed, with their immediate availability enabling the transaction to be completed almost instantly. read more

Sykes Pumps Go Glistening Yellow

With 160 years of experience in manufacturing and distributing pumps all over the world, Khansaheb Sykes has recently finalized yet another sale contract in the UAE. Having the capability to sell and dispatch pumps throughout the Middle East, including UAE, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain. Khansaheb Sykes’s team ensures that the right equipment is delivered at the right time.

The Sykes WP 150/60 dewatering pumps were ordered by a dewatering company based in Dubai with a Kirloskar engine as the preferred power pack. read more

Wellpoint Dewatering Drilling Machines working in unison

Khansaheb Sykes, the UAE’s longest and most established Dewatering Solutions provider and Ground Water Control Specialist was recently awarded a dewatering project which consists of Wellpoint Dewatering for approximately 30km.

Due to the eagerness to commence dewatering activities, 3 drilling machines were utilised at the project and due to the ground conditions 2 pneumatic drill heads and 1 conventional drilling auger were mobilized.

Khansaheb Sykes’ unique straight mast design allows drilling to a depth of 7.5mts in one continuous movement. read more

Deep well dewatering close to the shoreline

Great aerial photo of one of Khansaheb Sykes dewatering projects in Dubai for a Sea Intake Structure. Great job by all involved within the project due to the proximity of the project being within metres of the shoreline.

Khansaheb Sykes dewatering solution for the construction of a Sea Intake Structure as part of a Power Station Project in Dubai continues in earnest.

Due to the proximity of the project and taking into account the ground conditions at the project site, Khansaheb Sykes Design team worked extremely hard to offer a bespoke dewatering solutions design to ensure we maintained a dry site at the project, a conventional Deep Well dewatering pump system was installed along with electric submersible dewatering pumps and a French drain design. read more

Khansaheb Sykes New Addition to its Drilling Fleet

Khansaheb Sykes the UAE’s longest and most established Dewatering Solutions provider and Ground Water Control Specialist has further increased its fleet of drilling machines due to the increased project associated with Wellpoint Dewatering.

The New addition complements our already extensive fleet of Straight Mast Drilling Machines, on this occasion Khansaheb Sykes opted for the Doosan DX80R 8Ton Steel Tracked Excavator due to the success of an earlier purchased DX55 5Ton Excavator which has been faultless. Khansaheb Sykes fitted its unique straight mast design which allows continuous drilling to a depth of 7.5mts in one movement. read more

Dewatering solutions for the Hassyan Power Station Project, Dubai

Khansaheb Sykes LLC awarded an additional dewatering package for the construction of a Pumping Station as part of the Hassyan Power Station Project in Dubai, UAE.

Ground conditions at the project site are very hard therefore a bespoke dewatering solutions design was required, conventional Deep Well dewatering wouldn’t be effective at this project.

Khansaheb Sykes having vast experience in the Middle East offered a bespoke Sump Pump dewatering solution with a well-engineered dewatering design, limiting ingress of fine sands present at the site and overcoming the recharge from the sea ONLY 20m from the excavation boundary. read more

Khansaheb Sykes expands its Drilling Fleet

Khansaheb Sykes the UAE’s longest and most established Dewatering solutions and Ground Water Control Specialist has further increased its fleet of drilling machines due to the increase in wellpoint dewatering projects within the region.

To complement our already existing fleet of Straight Mast Drilling Machines, our new addition is a Hitachi 65USB capable of drilling 7.5mts in one movement.

This in turn reduces the down time compared to conventional drilling machines, whereby you have to stop operations and increase the drilling auger every 1.5 mtr’s to reach your desired depth read more