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Khansaheb Sykes and engine partner ‘Lister Petter UK’ goes from strength to strength

Sykes Pumps and its engine partner Lister Petter Engines UK, continue their strong bond. Following on from a successful pump sales trading period in 2018, Khansaheb Sykes have taken additional engine deliveries from Lister Petter UK, namely the TR3 Air Cooled engine. From received boxed engines to complete pump build in less than a week Khansaheb [...]

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Another confirmed order for Khansaheb Sykes’s Road Towable Dewatering Pumps

Khansaheb Sykes are known to provide you with the most reliable and efficient dewatering pumps. Our presence in the Middle East for almost 4 decades has made us a leading and trustworthy dewatering pump supplier in the MENA region. Following on from a successful delivery of an earlier dewatering pump order, Khansaheb Sykes were most [...]

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Dewatering Pumps for Infrastructure Works, Abu Dhabi

Khansaheb Sykes deliver dewatering pumps in Abu Dhabi for Wellpoint Dewatering to allow infrastructure works to be excavated for a new city development. Khanshaheb Sykes scope of work at the project was only to deliver dewatering pumps, as the main contractor was using a trenching machine as the dewatering solution at the project. Khansaheb Sykes to [...]

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Sykes Dewatering Pumps- a blast from the past

Sykes pumps turned 160 years old in 2017 and a testament to its heritage is that dewatering pumps manufactured many years ago still operate in the pump hire rental fleet. Khansaheb Sykes maintain a rental fleet of the Sykes UVS12 dewatering pumps which operate alongside their current range of dewatering pumps. General Purpose dewatering pumps [...]

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Sykes GP150M dewatering pumps operational as ballasting pumps.

The Sykes range of dewatering pumps can be utilised on a number of applications, as a wellpoint dewatering pump, used as a booster pump on deep well dewatering projects where the discharge point is not in close proximity to the project site, for sewage over-pumping and general pump hire. On this occasion the Sykes GP150M [...]

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Khansaheb Sykes renew partnership with Lister Petter Engines

We are very pleased to announce our renewed partnership with Lister Petter Engines. Under the guidance of the New owners Sleeman & Hawken, Khansaheb Sykes are confident on returning the trading relationship between both companies back to the levels seen in previous years. The Sykes WP & GP open set dewatering pumps are renowned throughout [...]

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Khansaheb Sykes provides Emergency over-pumping for Flooded site

Never underestimate the force of nature!! Khansaheb Sykes was contacted by a site main contractor to provide emergency over-pumping due to a breach of the sea defence wall that caused flooding to their prestigious project. Our on – site dewatering team were already on the project maintaining a running dewatering system, they carried out an [...]

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Dewatering Pumps utilized as ballast pumps

Sykes dewatering pumps can be used for numerous dewatering solutions, one in particular being a ballast pump. As requested by the end user, Khansaheb Sykes converted a number of dewatering pumps so that both suction and discharge ports were facing the same way. As the pumps are bring operated off shore and for an extended [...]

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Dewatering Pumps utilized as a booster pump

Sykes dewatering pumps can be used for numerous pumping applications, one in particular as a booster pump. The conversion to turn a standard vacuum dewatering pump into a booster pump is straight forward with only a few simple steps needed to convert. Disconnection of the vacuum system and the placement of a blanking cover to [...]

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Deep well dewatering close to the shoreline

Great aerial photo of one of Khansaheb Sykes dewatering projects in Dubai for a Sea Intake Structure. Great job by all involved within the project due to the proximity of the project being within metres of the shoreline. Khansaheb Sykes dewatering solution for the construction of a Sea Intake Structure as part of a Power [...]

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