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Lake Overpumping in Dubai by Khansaheb Sykes

Khansaheb Sykes was recently approached for a lake overpumping project location within a very high end development of Emirates Hills, Dubai.

A local contractor had undertaken the project for rectification work of the storm drain pipeline network which connects the lakes with the Dubai Municipality storm drain network. The system required silenced generator sets and all electrical dewatering pumps to provide a silent system that reduced the noise levels while working as we were surrounded by residential villas from all sides. The installation included a 2 kilo meter HPDE pipeline and a vehicle/pedestrian ramp.

The use of silent systems ensured that the neighborhood was not disturbed and work was carried out efficiently without disruption. Keeping in mind that the roadways and the pedestrian walkways are not blocked due to the installation, our team has installed a safety ramp which allowed the pipeline to pass underneath without causing any hassles.

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