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Dubai Dry Docks: two projects, two tailored solutions and zero issues!

At Khansaheb Sykes, we’re accustomed to the requirements of dry-docking processes and the operational scales at play when involved with projects of this nature.

Dubai Dry Docks are integral to the maintenance of vessels that are brought to dry land for inspection and essential upkeep to ensure regulatory conditions are met.

Our expertise in this niche industry is exceptionally well-founded, and this is underpinned by the frequency with which our assistance is sought by contractors.

Different situations naturally prompt different responses, but if there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that we can accommodate virtually any requirement, of any size, and at any time.

Earlier this year, we supplied some temporary fire pumps to our client who was looking to operate at 6 bar pressure, 24 hours a day. Our response was to position two UVO150/100 units near the dockside using 6” suction hoses, with discharge then connected to the vessel’s pipework on a standby configuration.

As part of the rental agreement, an on-site engineer remained present 24/7 to ensure that any potential downtime was kept to a minimum.

At around the same time, we also received a similar enquiry at Port Rashid – again, from the UAE Government – although the pumping capacities involved were greater.

In this instance, the client was looking for us to deliver 1,000m³/h at 9 bar pressure, with four of our 12” diesel driven pumps chosen for this particular job. The discharge side was reduced to 10”, feeding four Sykes D70 booster pumps which were then connected to the ship’s pipework.

Due to the intricacies involved, a dedicated team of mechanics and engineers remained on site to monitor the pumps’ performance metrics via gauges and flow metres. Every necessary precaution was taken, at our insistence, guaranteeing peace of mind for all parties.

These two examples perfectly encapsulate the benefits of our expansive rental fleet, comprising dozens of units that allow us to find solutions under all circumstances – something we prove time and time again.