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Silent pumps

Why Dewatering?

Dewatering is a necessary process when it comes to many construction projects, particularly when the construction is for underground projects. Underground water is a common discovery when excavating for a construction foundation, and acts as an obstacle which leads to delay in construction, increasing project costs and low resistance of constructed structure to calamities like floods, earthquakes etc.

Heavy rains, floods and coastline constructions are all sources to the increase in the level of groundwater. Whatever maybe the source of water in excavation or pits, the underline remains the same- No work can be done on that land until and unless water is removed/dried. read more

Khansaheb Sykes works out an Optimal Pumping Solution

Pumping high volumes of water has always been a challenge in the industry. This movement or pumping of high volumes of water requires a specialist Dewatering Pump Company with the most effective and efficient pumps.

Khanshaheb Sykes which is one of UAE’s Leading Dewatering, Ground Water Control and Over-pumping Specialist was recently awarded a prestigious Over-pumping  project within the Western Region of Abu Dhabi, where flows of over 10,000m3/hr needed to be maintained to ensure the Clients work was not interrupted so as to diminish any delays being caused in their work. read more

Khansaheb Sykes Dewatering – Awarded an over-pumping project for one of Abu Dhabi’s Steel Manufacturers

Khansaheb Sykes has always proved to be world class in its pumping services. Having a long term expertise of over 40 years since its inception, Khansaheb Sykes Dewatering Pumps have been constantly efficient and effective in delivering the best results in any pumping activities.

Khansaheb Sykes was recently approached to offer an over pumping solution for enabling a routine maintenance to be carried out in one of the Steel Manufacturers in Abu Dhabi. Khansaheb Sykes’s Team came up with a capable solution by utilizing multiple Sykes GP150 Diesel Dewatering Pumps, which were operated proficiently to provide the results within the allotted time. read more

Khansaheb Sykes LLC- Deepwell dewatering package for the Hamriyah Power Station Project, Ajman

Khansaheb Sykes LLC awarded a deep well dewatering package for the construction of the Pumping Station as part of the Hamriyah Power Station Project in Ajman, UAE.

The project consisted of installation of an efficient deep well system and well point dewatering system, which utilizes a series of 69no deep wells. Khansaheb Sykes Dewatering LLC having a vast experience in the Middle East offered a bespoke design with well-engineered dewatering well design and spacing, limiting ingress of fine sands present at the site and overcoming the recharge from the sea ONLY 20m from the excavation boundary. read more

Khansaheb Sykes LLC – Approached to undertake 5km of Wellpoint Dewatering for an RTA Infrastructure Project, Dubai

A leading contractor in Dubai approached Khansaheb Sykes to provide a dewatering solution to enable installation of 5km long storm water pipeline.

The dewatering process involved a series of 6” WP150/60 Wellpoint Dewatering Pumps being utilized to achieve the reduction in water level to dewater the open excavations using single and multi-stage wellpoint systems.

Khansaheb Sykes used a number of in house rotary auger drilling machines, Khansaheb Sykes Jetting Pumps and experienced Khansaheb Sykes Installation Team, to achieve the rapid installation required to meet the challenging target prior to the finish date of the project. Khansaheb Sykes has made wellpoint dewatering one of the most economical, flexible and stable methods of dewatering available, with an essence of trust and integrity rendered with its services.  read more

Khansaheb Sykes LLC approached by our sponsor Khansaheb Civil Engineering LLC to contend with unexpected high water ingress during services repair works

Khansaheb Sykes dewatering was approached to provide a dewatering solution to enable storm water pipeline repair works in Dubai.

Dewatering around existing services is not straight forward and required expert knowledge of ground water behavior due to the presence of unprecedented high flows of water ingress.

With over 50 years experience in dewatering and pump hire in UAE Khansaheb Sykes LLC were able to offer a robust dewatering system utilising a series of strategically positioned large diameter wells and wellpoint pumping using a series of WP150/60 and GP150 dewatering pumps pumps, to contend with both the surrounding groundwater and the additional water ingress from the existing services. read more

Khansaheb Sykes offer Overpumping Solution

Khansaheb Sykes the UAE’s leading Dewatering and Ground Water Control Specialist was recently called upon to provide a solution for Over- Pumping and Active Sewage Pumping Station, the flow to be maintained was over 1000l/s With Khansaheb Sykes having the most up to date Sewage Submersible Range within the UAE, an Over -Pumping solution for the Client was a formality.

(ABS XFP range of Sewage Submersibles pumps (max head 30m, max flow 110l/s)

From our extensive fleet of Sewage Submersible Pumps, Khansaheb Sykes  were able to utilize a mixture of XFP150 and XFP200G (11 in total) to achieve and maintain the required flow so that works within the Pumping Station could be carried out For information on our range of Sewage Submersibles pumps or the other services that Khanshaeb Sykes provide (Dewatering and Ground Water Control) then please Call our Toll free 800 SYKES number, email us or visit our web site: Tel: [00971] 800 79537 Email: [email protected] Web: www.khansahebsykes.com read more

Silent Pumps for hire from Khansaheb Sykes

  Khansaheb Sykes are pleased to announce the Hire of its firstSUPER SILENT Dewatering Pumps within the Middle East Region.

Most customers are focused on rapid dewatering solutions alone, but when pumps are required to operate in close proximity to local residents and offices then another solution is now available.

The Super Wispa 150 (6inch) carrying out dewatering activities (without disturbing local residents)

The Super Wispa 150 (6inch) carrying out dewatering activities (without disturbing local residents)

The Super Silent Dewatering pump from Khansaheb Sykes provides 24 hour pumping performance with low audible noise levels.

The Silenced range of pumps are not only technically excellent, they have also been developed with a clear focus on environmental issues such as low sound attenuation and the eradication of fuel spillages – providing peace of mind to our valued customers. read more