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Khansaheb Sykes Dewaters for the Expansion of Mall Of Emirates

The UAE’s most premium and luxury retail outlet is being expanded to include more entertainment and shopping outlets for its guests.

Khansaheb Sykes is privileged to provide our services and be a part of this project. We have installed a perimeter deep well dewatering system to enable the construction of an electrical substation as a part of extension of the MOE.


With the help of our drainage solids handling pumps, we are diverting sewage water by over pumping. We are as well supplying drainage sump pumps for diverting storm water to enable the service repairs of existing infrastructure and connection of new infrastructure.

Temporary over pumping is a solution for the transfer of water supplies and sewage flow so that these essential services are incessant during constructions. Our engineers are experienced and well versed in all forms of groundwater control, hereby providing you with the best pump installation and dewatering solutions for any form of building activity.

Our diverse range of pumps have been utilized worldwide for various fluid movement applications and to dewater land before laying foundations. For a quick enquiry or to know more information about our services, contact our experts!

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Wellpoint Dewatering for Office Building in Sharjah, UAE

Khansaheb Sykes has been awarded to sub contract a dewatering system for a major project in Sharjah, UAE. The construction is spread over a huge area, where an office building and two warehouses are being built for commercial purpose.

Considering the large area to be dewatered, our engineers have installed wellpoints in a box formation. They are 200 wellpoints installed on site, which connect to a header pipe which discharges the groundwater 350 meters away from the site location. As the ground is flat and water flow is smooth, booster pumps were not used in between the site and the discharge point.

The entire dewatering system has been installed at a reduced ground level and the pumps are being operated 24 hours and 7 days a week in order to keep the site fully dry. We have appointed onsite engineers who have been monitoring the pump performance and ground water level continuously.

Our WP150/60 pumps are the best choice for wellpoint systems. They have the ability to pump water is outstanding. Wellpointing is an age old and trusted method to control groundwater from obstructing your construction schedule. Our local and foreign knowledge & expertise makes us able to provide you the best solutions for all your pump hire needs.

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Deep Well Dewatering for Commercial Tower in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi is known for its well-developed residential and commercial towers which reach the skies. Khansaheb Sykes was approached to support construction of a similar upcoming project by an efficient installation of a deep well dewatering system located at the prestigious Al Reem Island.

The construction area was spread across 155 linear meters which utilized a Diaphragm Wall shoring design. Our site engineers have strategically installed a series of 9 deep wells to prevent underground water from disturbing the construction site. The system was installed to enable excavation of up to 18.75 meters and lay out a strong foundation.



Our dewatering and pump hire services offers a complete solution including professional designing, installation, on site monitoring, commissioning and comprehensive back-up solutions whenever required. If you are looking for a professional and cost effective groundwater control solution whether for construction, manufacturing, docks & harbors, refineries, water and waste management or any other sectors, contact our experts for a quick site survey or a quotation!

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Deepwell Dewatering near the border of Dubai.

Khansaheb Sykes was approached to install a deepwell system for the construction of a new sea water intake pumping station near the border of Dubai, UAE.

The project required a pumping test to identify the actual soil properties to enable the calibration of the proposed dewatering system design and offer a more cost effective solution with strategically placed deep wells.

The deep well system design utilizes a series of wells installed around the perimeter of the construction offering a non-intrusive solution.

Khansaheb Sykes offers the design and installation of the simplest to the very specific and complex deep well systems. Our expertise and ability to provide you excellent solutions even in the toughest of the soil conditions enable us to deliver on time and within your budget.

We offer the most robust and efficient pumping solution to virtually every sector including building and constructions, manufacturing, docks, ports & harbors, refineries, waste water treatment, power stations etc. If you are still looking for a trustworthy sub-contractor, look no further and contact us for the best ground water control solutions in the Middle East.

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Dewatering for Vibro Compaction

Soil compaction is a vital part in a construction process. Desert soil in Middle East is known to be less preferable for construction. Many contractors opt for vibro compaction of the soil prior to laying a foundation for a strong building base.

Khansaheb Sykes recently performed wellpoint dewatering for vibro compaction. This ground improvement technique was performed across two areas of 100 meters each to densify and clean friable soil, which wasn’t supporting the construction of a school in the emirate of Dubai, UAE.


Due to the hard terrain at the site, a vibro hammer was used, which has installed almost 50 wellpoints in the required area. With a dedicated and quick approach, we have transformed the soil to be more efficient to proceed with the construction of the school as planned.

The necessary dewatering is scheduled to begin using the Khansaheb Sykes WP 150/60 pumps which are most efficient in carrying out wellpoint dewatering. Having received a steadfast service, the site supervisor has thanked our engineers and dewatering experts for their continuous support.

For more information contact us:

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Khansaheb Sykes Provides Pumps for Chilled Water Flushing in Warqa’a, Dubai

A school in Dubai recently installed a new pipe system for their air conditioner system. The new installation had to undergo a full testing of their pipe system in order to start its functioning during the Middle East summers. Khansaheb Sykes helped them out with a quick solution by performing a chilled water flushing technique with few of their pumps.

The client was impressed with a variety of Sykes Pumps offered from our fleet. After a brief site survey by one of our pump experts, the UNIVAC 12inch pumps were chosen as the optimal solution.

The pipework and connection to discharge manhole was arranged by our on-site engineer. With the help of Sykes pumps, the flushing is being carried out as scheduled and the school authorities are pleased with the quick action taken by Khansaheb Sykes.

With a huge variety of pumps which are suitable for use in various industries and sectors such as tunneling, quarries & mines, manufacturing & industrial plants, building & construction, docks, ports & harbors, refineries & power stations, float outs, water & waste treatment facilities, groundwater control etc, Khansaheb Sykes provides you pumps for virtually every need!

Our expert service and wide range of pumps for hire is what makes us stand apart as a market leader in dewatering and pump hire services in the UAE and GCC market.

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Deepwell Dewatering to build one of the UAE’s most prestigious bank.

When one of the leading contractors in Abu Dhabi, UAE, were looking for a professional dewatering contractor to support their construction of a prestigious bank, they approached Khansaheb Sykes as a trusted dewatering service.

With over half a century of expertise as a leading dewatering contractor in the Middle East, we left no stones unturned for this project, which involved a 15 meter depth and 600 linear meters to be dewatered.

Our experienced site engineer surveyed the site, and suggested the contractors to consider the most efficient and cost effective deep well dewatering method.

With our instant and continuing support to the construction, the site engineer has thanked us for the quality of pumps and service provided.

At Khansaheb Sykes, we take our dewatering and pump hire tasks seriously, thereby providing the very best of our services to our clients.

We are open to answer your queries and enquiries regarding our pumps and dewatering services. Our experts are available to get in contact with you through the below information:

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Khansaheb Sykes Dewaters at Al Wasl, Dubai, UAE

Khansaheb Sykes was awarded as the Dewatering Sub Contractor for the upcoming collection of residential and retails units at the well-known Al Wasl Road, Dubai, UAE. The total land area to be dewatered is 682,000 square feet and the total built up area is 1.17 million square feet. The project is expected to finish by this year (2014).

The engineers at Khansaheb Sykes, offered to dewater the site with the age old, economical, flexible and stable well point dewatering system where a number of wellpoint tubes were installed, protected by gravel filtration tube, to collect groundwater efficiently without any gravel and large particles.

With around 600 wellpoints installed in the total area of dewatering, connected with 6 WP 150/60 pumps functioning 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, the site is now completely dry and the contractors are progressing with the construction without any groundwater impediment or problems.

Our experts have chosen a buried installation system, thus the header pipe is buried below the ground level, allowing the wellpoints to be installed at greater depth and providing efficient dewatering to lower levels.

The Site Engineer has quoted us with the following feedback, “Khansaheb Sykes have done an amazing job and we are happy with the perfect dry site we have. Since their dewatering has started, we haven’t incurred a single issue related to groundwater. Our construction is going on smoothly.”

Khansaheb Sykes have been an industry leader in dewatering operations, with a broad range of pumps for diverse usage in multiple environments. Our dewatering and pump hire has an expertise of over 50 years in the Middle East and over 150 years worldwide. We offer you with bespoke solutions for varied projects throughout the GCC region.

Our dewatering experts are willing to answer any of your queries with regards to dewatering, pump hire, deep well dewatering and well point dewatering. For the most expert advice, contact us now!

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Twin Basement Hotel Project- Deepwell Dewatering

A leading contractor has recently contacted Khansaheb Sykes to perform dewatering for the Two Basement Hotel Project in Al Barsha, Dubai.

After an initial site survey and ground inspection by our dewatering specialists, the system of deepwell dewatering was advised by our engineers. The installation of deep wells began in the first week of January 2014, where currently 8 deep wells are installed and running successfully.

As the shoring system is temporary H-beam pipe, and considering non watertight shoring system, Khansaheb Sykes have adopted two deep well dewatering systems for the construction- 3 deep wells are installed outside the plot limit from the existing ground level and 5 deep wells are installed inside the plot limit at a reduced level, just above the water table.

When Khansaheb Sykes approached the contractors for a feedback on the job done, they were praised by the project manager for the work done and are very happy that the required drawdown has been achieved and the site is completely dry.

Deep well dewatering is offered by Khansaheb Sykes which is very efficient for medium to long term dewatering of large projects, where the excavation is greater than 4 meters or when the conventional wellpoint dewatering is not possible.

To know more about deep well systems and other dewatering enquiries, feel free to talk to our experts.

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Sykes Pumps Training

Recently, Khansaheb Sykes has sold a number pumps to the Public Authority for Civil Defense in Oman via our Omani agency Al Ansari Trading Enterprise LLC, which operates on behalf of Khansaheb Sykes in the Sultanate of Oman.

On 21st January 2014, a successful training program was conducted for the personnel of Public Authority for Civil Defense on the operation and maintenance of Sykes Pumps. The training was conducted by the Service Manager Mr. Diogo D’Souza and the Dewatering Technician Mr. Savio D’Souza. It aimed at educating the personnel about the proper usage of pumps and guidelines to carry out routine maintenances including replacement of filters, packing gland etc.

The training allowed the personnel of Public Authority for Civil Defense to understand all the basic operations, so that they have complete knowledge on operation of the Sykes WP 150/60 pumps for their future use.

We are thankful to all the trainers and the management for their effort and all the personnel of Public Authority for Civil Defense for spending their valuable time in grasping all the pump operations.

Sykes Pumps have been sold and dispatched for over 150 years throughout the world. To enquire or know more about pump sales you may contact us on the below information:

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