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Khansaheb Sykes expands its Drilling Fleet

Khansaheb Sykes the UAE’s longest and most established Dewatering solutions and Ground Water Control Specialist has further increased its fleet of drilling machines due to the increase in wellpoint dewatering projects within the region.

To complement our already existing fleet of Straight Mast Drilling Machines, our new addition is a Hitachi 65USB capable of drilling 7.5mts in one movement.

This in turn reduces the down time compared to conventional drilling machines, whereby you have to stop operations and increase the drilling auger every 1.5 mtr’s to reach your desired depth

Another feature of the drilling machine is the Rubber tracks/crawlers which reduces the damage to the working areas (asphalt road or Interlocks)

Our Straight Mast Drilling Machines are mainly used in the drilling of wellpoints for Wellpoint Dewatering, however, the machine can also be utilized for the drilling and installation of Piezo meters and Earth Rods

For more information on our range of Drilling Machines, Sewage Submersible Pumps or our extensive range of Dewatering pumps.
Call our Toll free 800 SYKES or visit our web site www.khansahebsykes.com

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Wellpoint Dewatering at Kizad Industrial Area, Abu Dhabi

Khansaheb Sykes was approached to install a wellpoint dewatering system for infrastructure works at Kizad Industrial Area in Abu Dhabi.

The project required a pumping test to identify the actual soil properties to enable the calibration of the proposed dewatering solution.

The wellpoint dewatering system design utilizes a series of wellpoints installed along the excavation of the construction offering a non-intrusive dewatering solution.

Khansaheb Sykes utilized their WP150/60 dewatering pumps for this project. As the project was over 8km in length and discharge location was 2 km away a number of GP150 dewatering pumps were installed as booster pumps.

wellpoint dewatering system for infrastructure works at Kizad Industrial Area in Abu Dhabi

Khansaheb Sykes offers the design and installation of the simplest to the very specific and complex dewatering solutions. Our expertise and ability to provide you excellent solutions even in the toughest of the soil conditions enable us to deliver on time and within your budget.

We offer the most robust and efficient pumping solution to virtually every sector including building and constructions, manufacturing, docks, ports & harbors, refineries, waste water treatment, power stations etc. If you are still looking for a trustworthy sub-contractor, look no further and contact us for the best ground water control solutions in the Middle East

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Khansaheb Sykes Dewaters Dubai Hassyan 4X600MW Clean Coal Power Plant

Khansaheb Sykes has been awarded the Dewatering Sub Contractor for the upcoming construction of Dubai’s newest Clean Coal Power Plant. The project is expected to last almost 4 years.
The engineers at Khansaheb Sykes, offered a dewatering solution of sump pumping using dewatering pumps, whereby an open pit was excavated and perforated steel wells installed protected by gravel filtration pack, to collect groundwater efficiently.

Due to the vast construction area, project has been split in smaller construction areas. Due to the depths of the excavations electric submersible dewatering pumps have been installed with operation being 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, construction areas are now completely dry and the contractors are progressing with the construction without any groundwater impediment or problems.

Our experts also chose to install a buried French drain system which is connected to the sump pits via the filter pipe which is buried below the ground level, allowing the sump pits to be installed at greater depth providing an efficient dewatering solution.

The Construction Site Engineer has quoted us with the following feedback, “Khansaheb Sykes have provided a first rate dewatering solution for our project, we are happy with the perfectly dry site that has been achieved. Our construction is going on smoothly.”

Khansaheb Sykes have been an industry leader in providing dewatering solutions, with a broad range of dewatering pumps for diverse usage in multiple environments. Our dewatering and pump hire has an expertise of over 40 years in the Middle East and over 170 years worldwide. We offer you with bespoke dewatering solutions for varied projects throughout the GCC region.

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AED 2M order for Sykes Pumps in Abu Dhabi

Khansaheb Sykes are pleased to announce the Sale of a Full Dewatering Pump Package for a prestigious company located in Abu Dhabi.

 Both companies hold a long and established relationship for over 30years which contributed to obtaining the order.

 This sale consisted of:
- 15 Sykes 6inch WP150 Dewatering Pumps
- 6 Sykes 8inch GP200 Dewatering Pumps

Sykes WP150 Pumps awaiting delivery

To complete the package all associated Dewatering accessories were purchased bringing the total value of the order to over AED 2 Million.

 A number of factors attributed to Khansaheb Sykes success in achieving this prestigious order:
- Local presence – Khansaheb Sykes in Middle East for 40 years
- Unrivalled expertise - Khansaheb Sykes offers professional Dewatering & Ground Water Control within the UAE and GCC countries
- Long Heritage of producing high quality Sykes Pumps for over 150 years

For more information on our Dewatering Pumps or information regarding our Dewatering or Ground Water Control or Sewage Pumping solutions:

Call our Khansaheb Sykes UAE Toll free number (0800 97537) , email us, or simply visit our web site:

Tel: [+971] 800 79537
Email: ksykes@khansahebsykes.com
Web: www.khansahebsykes.com

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Khansaheb Sykes pumps respond back to emergency requirement for Road Towable Dewatering Pumps

Khansaheb Sykes have been known to provide you with the most reliable and efficient dewatering pumps. Our presence in the Middle East for almost 4 decades has made us a leading and trustworthy dewatering pump supplier in the MENA region.

Due to our long standing reputation and service reliability a local UAE Government Department contacted Khansaheb Sykes for purchase of our popular Sykes WP150-60 dewatering pumps on a road towable trailer on an urgent basis. An unexpected emergency needed an immediate and permanent solution.

Our sales engineers arranged for the units and the urgent delivery and dispatch was scheduled. The dewatering pumps were delivered during the night hours and the client thanked our instant response and commitment.

The delivery during the late hours and the regulations of the transport authorities for road bans at specific times for heavy vehicles didn’t stop our experts from arranging the dispatch in time and meeting the client’s urgent requirement.

The Sykes brand of pumps are renowned within the market sectors and a trusted manufacturer of Dewatering Pumps with an ever growing range to compliment the fleet of Khansaheb Sykes to  include, general purpose dewatering pumps, drainage, wastewater, sludge, borehole, hydraulic, super silent, high performance and air pumps etc.

Our fleet is every expanding and upgrading to meet and exceed the standards of the market. To know more about our range and fleet of equipment call us on our toll free 800 79537 or click here to arrange a site visit to our yard


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Deep well dewatering system for construction of a New Medical Centre in Abu Dhabi

A newly awarded Medical Centre beginning its construction in the heart of Abu Dhabi was looking for a dewatering solution to control groundwater while it performs a deep excavation for the foundations to be laid.

Khansaheb Sykes was approached to provide a feasible and dependable solution to the project. A complete site survey was done to measure the groundwater level and the soil condition in order to proceed with the appropriate dewatering solution

Due to the deep excavation and fine sands a deep well dewatering system was installed as the conventional wellpoint dewatering technique would be ineffective when the water table needs to be lowered below 7 to 9 meters. Our site engineers have installed 19 deep wells around the plot area to keep groundwater at bay from the project site.

As the UAE’s leader in providing dewatering solutions, we pride ourselves in being able to suggest  the most adequate, budget friendly and timely services in order to support your construction projects, whether it be Deep well dewatering, wellpoint dewatering or purely dewatering pumps for hire activities.

Depending on the project type, we are able to customize our offering to you in order to most suit your requirements. Our pumps are designed as such to handle the Middle Eastern harsh climate enabling it to be used for long term hire basis.

To know more about our dewatering pumps rental fleet or our expertise as a dewatering solutions provider in the UAE and GCC regions, contact one of our sales experts on 800 79537 or email us on ksykes@khansahebsykes.com to know more!

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Bunded and Approved Fuel Tanks from Khansaheb Sykes

To keep up with the ever changing laws relating to the carrying and storage at site of Fuel, Khansaheb Sykes has update its Hire Fleet of Fuel tanks to the Transcube which is fully bunded and approved for the transportation and site storage under ADR Regulations


• Easily stacked to reduce storage space requirements

• Access manhole for maintenance and inspection of inner tank

• Full load lifting lugs, forklift pockets and internal baffles for handling of the tank fully loaded

• Secure lockable access hatch to house pumps and feed and return connection for up to 3 dewatering pumps

• Capability to supply fuel for 3 dewatering pumps at the same time

• Bunded or double wall

• Protective galvanised framework preventing damage to tank, paintwork and decals

• Sized to stack inside shipping containers and across truck beds providing economical transportation

Khansaheb Sykes has already mobilized the Transcube Fuel Tanks to their Dewatering sites, whether its to work alongside generators at our Deep Well dewatering projects or connected to our dewatering pumps at our wellpoint dewatering projects

 If you are looking for a suitable overpumping or dewatering provider, contact our local experts on our toll free 0800 79537 or write to us on ksykes@khansahebsykes.com to get in touch

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Khansaheb Sykes Pumps launches new Minivac eco pump

As the UAE’s leading dewatering pump hire specialist, Sykes Pumps has invested in developing the smallest, lightest and most fuel efficient addition dewatering pump to its range – the Minivac eco pump.

Billed as the ‘small pump with big pump features’, the Minivac eco is one of the few in its class to offer fully automatic self-priming. As a result, it provides a quick, simple and highly manoeuvrable first response pump for a variety of applications across a number of sectors including construction, civil engineering, utilities, industrial, marine, rail and leisure.

Quieter, more compact and more efficient than its competitors in the market, the Sykes Minivac eco provides end users with fuel savings of up to 50 per cent

The pump’s performance belies its low running costs however, with a 2,500 rpm running speed delivering heads of up to 28 metres and a maximum flow rate of 15 litres per second.

The Minivac eco is very versatile, with solids handling capabilities of 28mm spherical and eight hours of running time on a single standard fuel tank (further extension of running capacity is possible with a fuel buggy).

Development of the pump follows advances in technology, which have enabled Sykes Pumps to build excellent pump performance into a unit that is 20kg lighter than previous models at just 168 kg (dry weight) or 180kg with fuel.

The Minivac eco’s features and benefits have been designed to meet customers’ needs based on extensive market research and customer surveys conducted by Sykes Pumps. They include:

-          Fuel consumption savings of up to 50 per cent

-          Sykes Pumps’ Vacuum Priming System to provide automatic self-priming from dry

-          Reduced noise for built up areas (up to 10 dBa lower than previous models)

-          Lower exhaust emissions in compliance with the latest EU standards

-          Lightweight chassis making it easier to move on all terrain with two-wheeled, solid-tyre site trailer

-          28 m maximum head

-          15 l/s maximum flow rate

-          28 mm spherical solids handling

Chris Graham, sales director at Sykes Pumps, explains: “The Minivac eco retains all the great features that our customers love about the Sykes Pumps range while raising the bar for the pump hire sector in terms of emissions, fuel efficiency, noise, ease of use and performance.

“We believe it is the most robust, compact and cost effective entry level pump on the market

If you are looking for a suitable overpumping or dewatering pump provider, contact our local experts on our toll free 0800 79537 or write to us on ksykes@khansahebsykes.com to get in touch with our experts now

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Lake Overpumping in Dubai by Khansaheb Sykes

Khansaheb Sykes was recently approached for a lake overpumping project location within a very high end development of Emirates Hills, Dubai.

A local contractor had undertaken the project for rectification work of the storm drain pipeline network which connects the lakes with the Dubai Municipality storm drain network. The system required silenced generator sets and all electrical dewatering pumps to provide a silent system that reduced the noise levels while working as we were surrounded by residential villas from all sides. The installation included a 2 kilo meter HPDE pipeline and a vehicle/pedestrian ramp.

The use of silent systems ensured that the neighborhood was not disturbed and work was carried out efficiently without disruption. Keeping in mind that the roadways and the pedestrian walkways are not blocked due to the installation, our team has installed a safety ramp which allowed the pipeline to pass underneath without causing any hassles.

If you are looking for a suitable overpumping or dewatering provider, contact our local experts on our toll free 0800 79537 or write to us on ksykes@khansahebsykes.com to get in touch with our experts now!

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Khansaheb Sykes unveils latest product guide

With the ever increasing fleet of units, Khansaheb Sykes is constantly updating their pump guides with the new fleet and new design. The user friendly guide book is designed to be used by industry experts to remain updated on the technical details of all our units currently in our fleet.

It has been modernized and improvised to appear elegant yet easy on the eye. The guide includes necessary graphics, tables and text explanations to our products. The newest edition includes all our latest products which have been recently added in our fleet.

Our accessories section has been enhanced and now includes details on our fuel tanks, control panels and unique guide rail adaptions. This guide books serves as a comprehensive conspectus which can be used by our clients, partners and our employees.

Click here to fill out a request to order your free copy delivered immediately at your doorstep. For any more information on our products and services call us on our toll free 0800 79537 or write to us on ksykes@khansahebsykes.com

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