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Deepwell Dewatering to build one of the UAE’s most prestigious bank.

When one of the leading contractors in Abu Dhabi, UAE, were looking for a professional dewatering contractor to support their construction of a prestigious bank, they approached Khansaheb Sykes as a trusted dewatering service.

With over half a century of expertise as a leading dewatering contractor in the Middle East, we left no stones unturned for this project, which involved a 15 meter depth and 600 linear meters to be dewatered.

Our experienced site engineer surveyed the site, and suggested the contractors to consider the most efficient and cost effective deep well dewatering method.

With our instant and continuing support to the construction, the site engineer has thanked us for the quality of pumps and service provided.

At Khansaheb Sykes, we take our dewatering and pump hire tasks seriously, thereby providing the very best of our services to our clients.

We are open to answer your queries and enquiries regarding our pumps and dewatering services. Our experts are available to get in contact with you through the below information:

W:     E:    Toll Free: +971 800 79537

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Khansaheb Sykes Dewaters at Al Wasl, Dubai, UAE

Khansaheb Sykes was awarded as the Dewatering Sub Contractor for the upcoming collection of residential and retails units at the well-known Al Wasl Road, Dubai, UAE. The total land area to be dewatered is 682,000 square feet and the total built up area is 1.17 million square feet. The project is expected to finish by this year (2014).

The engineers at Khansaheb Sykes, offered to dewater the site with the age old, economical, flexible and stable well point dewatering system where a number of wellpoint tubes were installed, protected by gravel filtration tube, to collect groundwater efficiently without any gravel and large particles.

With around 600 wellpoints installed in the total area of dewatering, connected with 6 WP 150/60 pumps functioning 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, the site is now completely dry and the contractors are progressing with the construction without any groundwater impediment or problems.

Our experts have chosen a buried installation system, thus the header pipe is buried below the ground level, allowing the wellpoints to be installed at greater depth and providing efficient dewatering to lower levels.

The Site Engineer has quoted us with the following feedback, “Khansaheb Sykes have done an amazing job and we are happy with the perfect dry site we have. Since their dewatering has started, we haven’t incurred a single issue related to groundwater. Our construction is going on smoothly.”

Khansaheb Sykes have been an industry leader in dewatering operations, with a broad range of pumps for diverse usage in multiple environments. Our dewatering and pump hire has an expertise of over 50 years in the Middle East and over 150 years worldwide. We offer you with bespoke solutions for varied projects throughout the GCC region.

Our dewatering experts are willing to answer any of your queries with regards to dewatering, pump hire, deep well dewatering and well point dewatering. For the most expert advice, contact us now!

W:               E:             Toll Free: +971 800 79537

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Twin Basement Hotel Project- Deepwell Dewatering

A leading contractor has recently contacted Khansaheb Sykes to perform dewatering for the Two Basement Hotel Project in Al Barsha, Dubai.

After an initial site survey and ground inspection by our dewatering specialists, the system of deepwell dewatering was advised by our engineers. The installation of deep wells began in the first week of January 2014, where currently 8 deep wells are installed and running successfully.

As the shoring system is temporary H-beam pipe, and considering non watertight shoring system, Khansaheb Sykes have adopted two deep well dewatering systems for the construction- 3 deep wells are installed outside the plot limit from the existing ground level and 5 deep wells are installed inside the plot limit at a reduced level, just above the water table.

When Khansaheb Sykes approached the contractors for a feedback on the job done, they were praised by the project manager for the work done and are very happy that the required drawdown has been achieved and the site is completely dry.

Deep well dewatering is offered by Khansaheb Sykes which is very efficient for medium to long term dewatering of large projects, where the excavation is greater than 4 meters or when the conventional wellpoint dewatering is not possible.

To know more about deep well systems and other dewatering enquiries, feel free to talk to our experts.

W:            E:        Toll Free: 00971 800 79537

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Sykes Pumps Training

Recently, Khansaheb Sykes has sold a number pumps to the Public Authority for Civil Defense in Oman via our Omani agency Al Ansari Trading Enterprise LLC, which operates on behalf of Khansaheb Sykes in the Sultanate of Oman.

On 21st January 2014, a successful training program was conducted for the personnel of Public Authority for Civil Defense on the operation and maintenance of Sykes Pumps. The training was conducted by the Service Manager Mr. Diogo D’Souza and the Dewatering Technician Mr. Savio D’Souza. It aimed at educating the personnel about the proper usage of pumps and guidelines to carry out routine maintenances including replacement of filters, packing gland etc.

The training allowed the personnel of Public Authority for Civil Defense to understand all the basic operations, so that they have complete knowledge on operation of the Sykes WP 150/60 pumps for their future use.

We are thankful to all the trainers and the management for their effort and all the personnel of Public Authority for Civil Defense for spending their valuable time in grasping all the pump operations.

Sykes Pumps have been sold and dispatched for over 150 years throughout the world. To enquire or know more about pump sales you may contact us on the below information:

W:             E:         Toll Free: 00971 800 79537

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Dewatering performed for construction of School in Sharjah, UAE

When contractors think of laying out a perfect foundation for construction of any building, they think of Khansaheb Sykes, because of its vast local and international expertise for over 150 years combined with a dedicated and professional team!

Recently, Khansaheb Sykes was awarded as the dewatering contractor for one of the upcoming schools in the emirate of Sharjah, UAE. The site area which is spread across approximately 10,000 square meters was dewatered using our wellpoint dewatering system.


Due to the hard ground conditions Khansaheb Sykes team has provided free drilling and installed a total of 260 wellpoints by self-jetting system. The nearest discharge point for the site was 1.4 kilometers away, but the water is efficiently being discharged by two inline booster pumps installed in between the site and the discharge point. There is another sand trap that has been installed at the final discharge point to prevent ground particles from entering the manhole.

The wellpoint system has been connected via a header pipe to three Sykes WP150/60 pumps which are operating 24/7 to enable quick drying of site and uninterrupted construction. Khansaheb Sykes is very proud to be a part of a school development, which contributes to the future of UAE’s economy.

To enquire or ask any information about our dewatering systems & pump hire, you may feel free to contact us:

W:                  E:               Toll Free: 80079537

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Double Stage Well Point Dewatering

Khansaheb Sykes was approached to provide a dewatering solution to enable construction of 3 large villa’s and 1 guard room over an area of approximately 15,000m2 located in Zabeel, Dubai.

The project was started during Mid-November’ 2013, when our first stage of wellpoints were successfully installed and the required drawdown was achieved, to permit installation of our second stage of wellpoints. Using our two stage system enabled us to ensure that the final working level remained fully dry permitting construction to proceed.

The construction is now underway and proceeding without any problems of groundwater.

Multi-Stage Well Point Dewatering is needed when the required drawdown is more than 3.5 to 4 meters with each stage installed with its own pumping system using our Sykes WP150/60 wellpoint dewatering pumpset.

Our experts are ready to answer any of your queries on dewatering & dewatering pump hire, with a vast knowledge and multi-cultural experience, the team at Khansaheb Sykes has always given the best solutions for your requirements. Contact us now, for a price competitive quote:

W:               E:            Toll Free: 800 79537

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Khansaheb Sykes Supports Construction from last 4 years!

When it comes to construction, clients and contractors encounter several obstacles and delays. During such times, it is necessary to keep the constructed area stable and building unaffected so as to avoid any further delays and damages.

Khansaheb Sykes has been supporting the semi-constructed twin buildings in the emirate of Sharjah since 2009. Eighteen dewatering pumps have been functioning 24/7, 365 days continuously to support the buildings from any damages since the start of the project. Due to the downfall in the economy, the construction was halted by the contractors. It was essential that the dewatering system be kept running to avoid damage to the buildings. In spite of the construction site being very near to the sea shore, Khansaheb Sykes Dewatering Pumps have been very successful and reliable since the time the foundations were being laid, and have kept the site stable and construction intact.



With the economy boosting back, and showing a positive growth sign, it is expected that the construction will soon be completed- which is expected to be one of the large projects in the emirate of Sharjah.

Construction in Middle East is prone to experiencing groundwater obstacles. With the pressure of groundwater being too high from underneath, it becomes almost impossible to lay a foundation of the building without a qualified and experienced dewatering contractor.

With continuous 24/7 & 365 days support, Khansaheb Sykes is proud to be supporting construction in the gulf for over 50 years. You may feel free to ask us any advice or information on dewatering and pump hire, our experts are always there to help you.

W:             E:          Toll Free: 00971 800 79537

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Heavy Rainfall and Bad Weather to Continue in UAE…!

The weather bureau of UAE has forecasted more heavy rains in the upcoming days, and have asked the vehicle drivers and road users to remain careful on the roads with the prevailing weather conditions in the Emirates. Heavy Rains have drowned many parts of Dubai & Sharjah and they are expected to continue.

Khansaheb Sykes is proud to be a part of helping in continuous removal of rainwater by providing emergency pumping services at the required areas. With our pumps operating in most part of the UAE for 24hours a day, we are ensuring that the water clogged in many areas is diminished as soon as possible.

Khansaheb Sykes has strategically placed its pumps in flood prone areas to pump out overflowing rainwater from causing obstruction to vehicle drivers/road users and reducing water level. We hope to remove the standing water from the roads and other infrastructure facilities at the earliest to bring back normalcy and contribute to a safer transport for one and all.

We hope and pray that everyone remains safe, and we request you to keep safety while travelling during the bad weathers.

For more advice or information on any of our dewatering pumps, groundwater control, deepwell and wellpoint installation, please feel free to contact us:

W:            E:           Toll Free: 00971 800 79537

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A Building is only as Good as its Foundation!

The foundation of any building structure carries a huge significance. There are many factors which have to be taken into consideration when any building foundation is laid, one of the most important procedures is the control of groundwater efficiently prior to laying the foundation- Or commonly called as Dewatering.

When Khansaheb Sykes is given a proposed excavation to dewater, we at first send our experts to understand and analyze the site with a free site survey. It is very necessary the site is examined for the soil type and the level of groundwater before starting any dewatering activity on it. We make sure that every site we work on is examined to avoid any problems during the construction which may result into delays and cost overruns.

 A qualified Dewatering Contractor will ensure that it has the necessary experience, resources and technologies to overcome any challenge that may arise during the course of the project. They will also ensure that your project’s timeline and budget is not exceeded. The strict compliance of all safety standards and unmatched delivery of professionalism makes Khansaheb Sykes stand out among the other sub-contractors.

Khansaheb Sykes also has one of the largest fleet of finest quality pumps which have been operated by renowned contractors for over 150years throughout the world. Operating in the Middle East for over 50 years, Khansaheb Sykes has supported construction of many sky scrapers built in this region, and is proudly one of the most experienced dewatering contractor in the GCC and MENA region.

For any information or advice on dewatering systems, pump hire and groundwater control, please feel free to contact us:

W:             E:          Toll Free: 00971 800 79537

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The Little Innovations at Khansaheb Sykes

Sykes pumps are renowned for its continuous development to its pump range to offer the best for its clients. As we see a lot of development in the Middle East, we strive to improve our fleet to keep our clients satisfied.

Working with our clients over the years, we understand that they are facing issues with the limited space in construction areas. It was obvious, not all places are spacious enough to accommodate drilling rigs, cranes, bull dozers, dewatering pumps and other heavy equipment.

Considering the problem was increasing day by day, with clients experiencing time delays due to limited space for all heavy equipment, Khansaheb Sykes came out with an innovative idea to save 50% of the space occupied by their pumps!!!

 With a built in frame around the pump, which can stack another pump on top, the new design saves plenty of space, which otherwise would have been wasted if the pump was lying beside. With this addition of the new designed pumps, Khansaheb Sykes is able to provide three different designs of pumps- Wheel Pumps, Skid Frame Pumps and Stackable Pumps. All these designs are available in all our wellpoint dewatering pumps. The redesigned pumps have been of a great success, where we are already receiving thankful messages from clients who are delighted to see a new innovation in pumps.

Developing ourselves in the present for the changes and developments in the future, has always been a success mantra for Khansaheb Sykes Team. Feel free to contact us for any queries or enquiries on our wheel pumps, skid frame pumps or stackable pumps, our team will be happy to help you.

W:            E:            Toll Free: 00971 800 79537

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